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25 Apr. 2012

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Buy the best wood cutting board you can afford, take care of it, and it is likely that your grandchildren will be using it. Fact: One of the easiest things you can do to ensure the long life of your kitchen knives is to use the right kind of cutting board.
Some people do make cutting boards out of soft maple and other more pliable woods—and they don’t wear well. Although you can still find boards made from one slab of wood, most modern cutting boards are made from a number of planks that have been glued together.
END GRAINEDGE GRAINFLAT GRAINTo make an end-grain board, you’d use the end of the 2 X 4—where the grain is open, like a sawed-off tree trunk—for the top of your board. EDGE-GRAIN CUTTING BOARDS If you’re in the market for an edge-grain wood cutting board, here are two that would be worth looking into. One of my favorite professional cutlery sharpeners says, “I look for a plastic board that you can easily slice a strip from the side with your knife.”Before you go riding off into the sunset with a stack of plastic cutting boards in your saddlebags, please make sure of one important thing—that the plastic you buy is soft enough. Plastic boards come in a lot of fun colors which you can use as a coding system if you want.
QUALITY PLASTIC BOARDS There are two plastic cutting board brands I can swear by: Oneida and Dexas. There’s one more important topic to discuss regarding wood and plastic cutting boards, namely, how to keep them clean and avoid cross contamination. Olive wood cutting board is great for chopping vegetables, carving meat as well as cutting bread and cheese. The functional, stylish and dependable use of olive wood bowl has become very apparent with many looking to use it.Hence, looking at the products of SonCon Trading should provide you great deals. Olive wood cutting board is best for carving meat, chopping vegetables, and cutting cheese or bread.
When you are shopping around for olive wood cutting boards, the brand may also play a large role for you to acquire a quality made one. Those factors can help you find the finest olive wood cutting board available in today’s market. When you are shopping around for your desired olive wood cutting boards, the brand may also play a big role for you to get a quality made one. Those factors can let you seek for the best olive wood cutting board available in the market nowadays. Prior to executing any further processing to olive wood products, such as olive wood bowl, the wood used will be dried and kept for an extensive period of time.The process turns the material to be smooth.
And believe it or not, even in this age of high-tech materials and nano-bred wonders, just about the best substance for your knives to cut and cube on is still—you guessed it—good old wood. But there are a number of other woods that can still do the job—birch, walnut, cherry, white oak, ash, along with more exotics like teak or royal mahogany. These boards last a long long time if you care for them (i.e don’t soak them in water and oil them regularly). Because just because all the online retailers say, “safe for professional knives,” “will not dull knives”, doesn’t necessarily make it so. I cover this fully in Cutting Board Cleanliness, but the quick answer (despite what you might have heard) is that wood tends to retain less bacteria than plastic. Both wood and plastic boards (as long as they’re the right kind of wood and the right kind of plastic) will help keep your knife edges sharp and look good in your kitchen. This must have a wide surface area for this to move in enough amount of food around the pot without the need for you to exert a lot of effort. Since you are aiming to pick an olive wood spoon, there is nothing you should worry about as this is known for providing numerous benefits for all of its users.

Others said that meals are much delicious if you consider using wooden spoons when you are cooking. This should come with a wide surface area for this to move in certain amount of food around your pot without requiring you to exert lots of effort.
Nevertheless, if you will not forget to take note of those considerations, you will quickly seek for the best that would match your skills in cooking. Typically, this is made from a single block of an olive wood, which is nonporous and seamless.
If you are the type of person who likes decorative items, you can choose an olive cutting board that comes with an exceptional design. Once you have bought the right product for you, do not forget to provide with right care and maintenance. It should have a wide surface area for it to move in particular amount of food around the pot without exerting a lot of effort. The wooden cutting board is commonly used among famous chef whether they are amateur or professionals. And cutting and chopping on these verboten materials will dull your knives quicker than you can say curried cous-cous (in the course of dicing one large onion).
When you cut on a wooden board, the wood fibers break and leave a mark—which helps prevent the fine edges of your knives from rolling over and turning dull. You can also find boards made out of a combination of woods, but I must admit I’m a little wary about using them for heavy chopping.
It’s suitability as a cutting board is mixed and I discuss it separately, in Cutting Boards — Bamboo and Others, along with hard rubber and wood fiber composites. Buuut—if you designate a cutting board for raw meat only and are rigorous about sticking to it (which is what every home cook should do), then the difference between the two materials becomes negligible.
This is in the hands of a skilled wood crafter.For some touch of maintenance, it is recommended to simply have the wood cleaned with a bit of dish washing liquid and then rub it with some sunflower oil or olive oil to avoid the wood from drying. The reason behind it is that this is popular for providing numerous advantages for all of their users.
Therefore, if you will just utilize the cutting board occasionally, you have to ensure that you choose the right one because several olive wood cutting boards are made by numerous individuals who own a meat shop. Always store this tool properly as this can be beneficial in prolonging the life of your cutting board. Thus, if you will just use the cutting board seldom, see to it that you have chosen the right one. Some people said that foods are much tastier if you will use wooden spoons whenever you are cooking. Scraping is also important when cooking because this is for deglazing the browned bits on the pan’s bottom when you are making sauce or braise. Therefore, always keep in mind those mentioned details above as they can make a huge difference whenever you are shopping around for an olive wood spoon. There are various types of wood for cutting board that you can choose and below are some of the types which are ideal for most household and capable for long term usage even for generations to come. Because unless the types of wood are perfectly matched in hardness, you could be subjecting your knives to uneven wear and tear. After learning this, I checked out the polypropylene boards in my kitchen and three out of the four passed with honors. If these brands don’t work for you (or are unavailable), then you’ll need to either go to a store where you can handle boards yourself, or try a hit-or-miss approach ordering various brands online. The finest way for you to know a good brand is through making comparisons as well as asking suggestions from others.

It is because there are some olive wood cutting boards are made by tons of people who are running a meat shop. The good way for you to figure out if a brand is good is by asking suggestions and making comparisons.
Some woods are too hard, some are too soft, some lack a uniform texture, some are not dense enough.
So you can choose exactly the size and thickness that works best for you.If you turned your imaginary 2 X 4 so that the wide edge (the 4-inch side) was facing up, you’d have a flat-grained board. The one that didn’t, I only use occasionally and never for chopping, so I’m not concerned about it.
If you’ve ever cut up strawberries on a wooden board that had recently been used to mince a clove of garlic, you’ll know what I mean. As its name implies, this is made from an olive wood, which is renowned for its durability. If you like a stylish yet beneficial one, consider a slim kind of olive wood spoon so that you could enjoy convenience whenever you’re cooking your favorite recipe for the day for your family. Nevertheless, you have to take note that only some olive wood spoons are best suited for you. The rock maple wood is often laminated from small cross-sections thus making its hard end grain to become its work surface. This is why you should consider about some things in order for you to select the best in the collection. If you want a decorative yet helpful one, choose an olive wood spoon that is slim so you can easily prepare meals with convenience and let your family indulge their favorite meals. The trees are hardened by years of Mediterranean heat that make them durable and strong.If you are one of those who are looking for an olive wood cutting board in the market, there are several factors that you need to take for consideration. The rock maple wood helps you seals any of its surface very well if you use mineral oil and care it properly. Because no matter how well-made a flat grain board is, it’s still not as strong, and it won’t last as long.
That is the reason why you should take for consideration some things for you to pick the best among the rest. That is why you must take for consideration about the several things for you to choose the finest among the rest.
You have to take note that there are several olive wood cutting boards out there and only few will match on your preferences or needs. Yes (as mentioned above), many edge-grain boards use face-grain, or quasi-face-grain, planks mixed in as well. These types of woods are also durable and having similar density to rock maple but its color is much deeper than rock maple wood. However, cherry is a soft type of wood and it you use it heavily; you will notice the wear and tear on the surface of the wood thus you will have to sand it quite often. The advantage of the wood is that it is very gentle to your knives and this type of cutting board is suitable for cutting cheese or other dairy products. As a matter of fact, you’d probably be hard put, nowadays, to find a pure flat-grain board. The main thing is to have a preponderance of edge-grain which will give the board strength and resist warpage.

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