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Row Four- Latex Solid Color Stain: Golden Sand, Harvest Gold, Outside White, Cape Cod Gray, Stonehedge, Ebony, Heritage Blue, Seafoam, Woodland Green, Bronze, Avocado, Forest. Stain protects and preserves the beauty of your wood compared to paint which covers and hides it. Formulated for exterior walls on new and wood that has been stripped of paint and or wood primers. Natural wood trim and decor on the exterior of your home brings about it’s look of elegance and sophistication and the proper application of a wood stain only enhances that.
Exterior stain isn’t just for good looks though as it protects your wood from the elements and the worst of all which is UV light. T-Byrd painting can provide you with the local knowledge and expertise that will help you choose the right colors, the right products and we’ll give you a fair price too! Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Semi-Transparent Stain provides warranted durability and color retention year after year, unlike conventional stains that fade and weather after only a year or two. Viking is committed to giving you the best quality, value and service when it comes to enriching and protecting the look of your fence.
Over the past 25 years, Murray Anderson has tackled practically every home improvement project imaginable. A well-maintained fence will last for years and adds an attractive design element to a home's exterior. If the fence is already standing, before you actually start painting, take some time to clean it up. You obviously don't need to be as careful when painting your fence as when doing your dining room, but its helps to follow a pattern or a process.

Edward Kimble, professional painter and author of Interior House Painting Blog, contributed to this article. To confirm your color choices, visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store or Viking Fence and refer to our in-store color cards. While some people like the appearance of cedar as it ages naturally (and turns a grayish silver color) most prefer the appearance of a painted or stained fence. There are probably cobwebs, seeds and who knows what else in the corners where the spreaders meet the posts. When painting one side and the center, paint gets on the face of the other side, and if you wait until you are all done with one side, there will be dried lines or mounds of paint on the unpainted side, which you will have to scrape off.
Direct sun will make the paint dry too fast and it won’t be able to provide proper protection.
Viking has partnered with Sherwin Williams to offer you one of the best wood stains available today. Even though cedar weathers over time to an attractive silver-gray patina that has a certain architectural appeal, research chemists and wood scientists strongly recommend that some form of protective finish be applied to retain western red cedar's natural characteristics.
It's a lot easier to paint fence boards lying in your garage than fence boards nailed up in your fence.
Start by painting the tops of the boards (the open grain) and then work down the front of each individual fence board and one edge. Choose the color you desire from the color chart below and Viking's team will ensure a professional application. Cheap paintbrushes will lose their bristles, will quite likely have rough edges that cause blisters and some are even badly out of balance and will be tiring to use.

Slide a thin piece of cardboard under the bottom end of the boards so you can paint right down to the ground and not worry about your brush getting into the grass or dirt. And, proper paint job will not only make give your fence a facelift, it will give it a longer life by protecting it from the elements. Spending a few extra dollars is well worth it to get the best out of your tools and produce the finest paint job.
If you have tall shrubs growing close to your fence, slide a large piece of cardboard vertically between the fence and the shrub. First paint one side and one edge of each fence board in the section (you may need to use a small brush to get into the edges depending on your fence design). Sand the fence down to remove any burs or splinters and to create the best surface to receive the paint.
By following this process, when you're reaching in to paint the edges, you won't get wet paint all over your hands from the board you just painted. However, a good looking, well maintained fence lasts longer and makes any home look better.

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