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Have the lathe at the right height so that you maintain good body postion for wood turning.12.
Wood lathes can be used to create functional furniture components, beautiful decorative wood projects such as candlesticks and bowls, or even toys such as tops and yo yos.
Continue pushing the tool into the stock gradually, in passes, so that you remove a roughly equal amount of wood with each pass.
Stop the lathe frequently when you are just beginning, to check your progress, look for stress cracks in the wood, and clear debris which may begin to accumulate on the lathe bed. Smooth the finished round work piece by increasing your lathe speed, and holding your cutting tool so it barely contacts the wood, then moving it slowly along the work piece’s length. Wear a respirator when working with woods that create fine dust (such as junipers, cedars, and very tight-grained hardwoods like black walnut) or woods you may be allergic to. A simple task might be to turn a square or irregularly shaped piece of wood to a true cylindrical shape, often the first step to forming a spindle or other round item.

These usually have specially shaped cutting edges for performing particular cuts, such as bowl gouges, with concave, curved cutting edges to form the smooth, curved surface of a bowl, or vee, or knurling gouges for cutting grooves or knurls in wooden spindles.
These are often flat or slightly curved chisels for removing wood from flat or cylindrical shapes, or for roughing out a shape. Once you have removed too much wood from the work piece, you have a very labor intensive piece of firewood. Woods with excessive resinous oil sap, knotty, splinter nature, or very high moisture contents do not tend to give good results for beginner wood turners.
Tree limbs, gnarly wood too tough to split, scrap lumber, and other sources can give you an excellent variety of turning stock. She spends her time on wikiHow writing, adding tips to articles, reviewing recent changes, playing games in the forums, and adding videos.
You can then chamfer, or bevel the square corners, effectively creating an octagonal piece, which will reduce the amount of wood that must be removed to reach your desired cylindrical shape.

You want to move in toward it perpendicular to the work piece, until the cutting edge just touches the wood. Forcing it or moving too quickly will cause the tool to jam into the wood, and it will either break off, or you will lose your grip on the tool if the lathe doesn't stall out. Turn the lathe back on, and hold the paper lightly against the wood, moving it back and forth to prevent removing too much wood from one area of the work piece.

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