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02 Dec. 2013

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I wouldn't recommend Dyeing the wood because dye (stain) is very unforgiving and will soak into ALL of the wood, making the grain either disappear, or blend in to the point where it (the grain) loses it's prominence. I would first protect the wood with grain filler and sanding sealer and then cover it in a few coats of lacquer. I mixed it very weak - you can see it looks like iced tea in the mason jar under the guitar; still nearly transparent. As I said in my initial posts, some local guitar players have been using these Briwax Wood Dyes on their own guitars.
Again, I'll test out the grain filler and clear to see how they work, before it goes on the guitar body.

They applied them straight to the wood and they look fantastic, and you'll notice too that Briwax recommend applying it straight to the wood for best results. I am very happy with the color I've gotten - you can see it against the natural wood color in the control & pup routs. I really want a smooth, glossy surface, with the nice dyed wood and beautiful grain showing underneath.
I could be wrong, but I am guessing the guitar in the pic you posted was finished in the same way. I fully intend to do some tests on some alder-y cloured wood to figure out how to best achieve the colour I want, before it even goes anywhere near the guitar.

I've been looking at Briwax dyes, some local guitar players have used them with great results.
The good part is if you go too dark you can use acetone & start over whereas dye straight onto wood there are no do overs.

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