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15 Feb. 1977

Wood duplicator stylus,diy futon lounger,mantel clock woodworking plans - PDF Review

User Tips for the Copy Carver the wood carving duplicator that can copy any object in wood or stone.
Column side dent, the inconspicuous rectangular base may actually be die most fascinating part of the duplicator.
Hie duplicator is the result of a collaboration between Fred Matlack, creative maven of the Rodale Press Design Shop, and Bob Moran, a woodworking writer and editor.
Next thing I knew, Fred had a prototype suspended from the shop cciling.The key, he explained, is keeping the stylus, with which you trace the original or pattern, and the router bit, which cuts along whatever line the stylus follows, in perfect alignment, both always in the same axis. A few days later, a working prototype of the duplicator you sec here was rolling back and forth on a workbench on huge, cartoonish wheels that seemed to be going in at least three different directions at once. If this were a factory or professional-shop duplicator with a four- or five-figure price tag.

This duplicator is built of commonplace hardwood lumber and plywood, uses off-the-shelf bearings and hardware, and requires a shop vac and a laminate trimmer.The shop vac must have a provision for connecting the hose to the exhaust port, and most vacs do.
All duplicators arenot created equalRead our buying guideand become aneducated consumerA SLOWFRUSTRATING TOOLIS NO BARGAIN!
If your business or craft has a need for accurate duplicates in wood, this copy carver will revolutionize your work.
The Gemini Gunstock Carver is a specialized model of the Gemini Universal Carver custom designed with a rotary fixture for quick and accurate duplicates of gun stocks. I urged Fred to come up with a router duplicator to produce signs, copy simple carvings, and hollow out seats for stools or chairs.
The Gemini carving machine creates a precise duplicate piece requiring only minor sanding to prepare the wood for finishing.

The pleasant surprise is that this home-built duplicator does what the commercial equipment does, includes the sophisticated air-cushion device (you won't find that on those commercial models), but doesn't cost nearly what a purchased duplicator will.
You do need to make a stylus for each bit you use; and as you gain experience, you'll find that you use several bits on each project You'll start with a fairly large-diameter bit to clear broader areas, a small core-box to rough out lines, and a vcincr to refine those lines and etch in fine detail.

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