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21 Jun. 1982

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As you already know, the reason I've done footings in the past is because my arrow material was not long enough, and I needed an extension. Concerning #2 and #3, they're obviously not effective unless the footing is made of a harder and heavier wood than the rest of the arrow. Bloodwood is beautiful, it contrasts well with white wood, it doesn't bleed like padauk (ironic considering its name), and it's hard and heavy. Before I use the Dowel Maker, I sand the flares off with the belt sander so it will go through easier.
The infeed hole is helpful because sometimes the drill wobbles when you're putting an arrow through, and that causes the dowel cutter to cut unevenly. After making over 20 arrows with the dowel maker, I've decided it's not the best way to get arrows round, although it's at least easier than planing. First, if you buy this dowel maker and try to use it right out of the box, it probably won't work. Second, depending on the wood you're using, it creates a very rough surface, so you have to do a lot of sanding to get it smooth.

I'm holding the hinged block between my knees and spinning the arrow by rubbing my hands together. WoodOne thing you can get at the hardware store that I'm leaving out of this article is wood.
Wooden DowelsLet's say that you don't have the tools to do any serious woodworking but still want some wooden parts. Wooden DoodadsYeah, I don't know what to call these other than doodads, but there's a good chance that your hardware store carries a variety of pre-carved wood pieces that you can incorporate into your props.
They add weight to the front of the arrow, changing the center of gravity, and supposedly making the arrow fly better. In fact, for some people it's almost like a game to examine each prop and see if they can name all of the original parts.However, for a newcomer (or a novice at prop-making), it may be really hard to tell what parts are used where. You can get wood at the hardware store, but they don't have a very good wood selection at my ACE Hardware, so I tend to go to a big box store for that.
Usually it's used for roofing or other exterior house-related things, but it's so easy to work with that it makes for great Steampunk armor plating.

If you don't want to have to sand down a big raw piece of wood, you can always just get one of these handles. While both the wood screw and the machine screw existed in the Victorian era, if you're interested in historical accuracy, you should refrain from using Phillips-head screws, as those weren't invented until the 1930's. While I can't necessarily condone supporting a company called "Sioux Chief" for somewhat obvious racism reasons, resters are pretty cool-looking brass bits. However, they're often less expensive, so it's a balance you'll need to strike for yourself. It can be intimidating to set foot in a store with so much stuff, so I'll try to narrow it down for you.

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