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24 Sep. 2002

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David Calvo has been enthusiastically teaching woodcarving to adults for twenty-five years.
Calvo Studio offers the highest quality German wood carving tools with a Rockwell hardness test of 61. These wood carving chisels and gouges I personally hand picked from European tool manufacturing and are the most frequently used in my thirty-five years of professional carving. Here is a comprehensive hour and a half woodcarving DVD which covers all aspects of sharpening your wood carving tools; from redesigning the edges on electric grinders, to using hand water slipstones to sharpen the variety of gouges in your tool collection. THIS MALLET IS UNSURPASSED because they offer an evenly distributed strike that will give you accuracy, control, and enhanced woodworking skills.
These mounted diamond stones are great for sharpening the outside bevels on your carving tools.
Water slipstones are the most versatile for the woodcarver given the fact that we have so many different sweeps of tools to be sharpened. Here is the problem: Just about anyone on the planet who teaches carving recommends between a half dozen to a dozen tools to start out with but nobody agrees on WHICH half dozen or dozen tools to start with. HERE IS A NO FRILLS SELECTION OF CARVING TOOLS AND SUPPLIES FOR THE STUDENT AND PROFESSIONAL CARVER. I had been looking for a tool manufacturer for a long time that represents the quality of my inherited professional tools from long ago.
Generally the fishtail design is the best for woodcarving because the tool steel is always behind the carving edge as you move through the wood.

Understanding the grain of the wood is important for carving because the woodcarver is constantly addressing the grain in the wood from different angles.
There is a overlap of course, but different teachers teach different ways, different techniques, and also within the world of carving there are tons of different approaches. Pye's seven piece set from Auriou, which I mention above - has very little overlap with the tools I needed for the exercises.
He has been a featured master woodcarver at many International Woodworking Trade Shows where he has given workshops on woodcarving technique and designing skills. This set comes with the ten wood carving tools, Brass Woodcarving Mallet, two water slipstones (1000 & 4000), three mounted diamond stones (coarse, fine & extra fine), a tool roll, background stamps and burnishing brush. In addition, to get better hand-carving technique and control, learn sharpening methods that will help you get your tool to bite instead of skating as you move through the grain of your woodcarving project. As a reference, the grain direction for carving wood changes as much as the minute hand changes on your wall clock. There are two types: wood, the more common, and brass mallets which were favored by Europeans.
Incidentally if you are studying lettercarving or doing bigger or smaller stuff the basic sets aren't for you anyway. David has also been a featured TV guest on the PBS Television shows: "The Woodwright's Shop" with Roy Underhill and "The American Woodshop" with Scott Phillips.

The first is a good tool design; important in how the wood carving tool moves and controls through the wood. I always tell my wood carving students that a razor blade is the "definition of sharpness" but it is completely useless in wood carving.
The set includes twenty carving tools,aa brass wood carving mallet, two water slipstones (1000 and 4000), a tool roll and a burnishing brush. Big wide chisels for lettercarving, it varies from person to person and it is hard to predict.
He is a sought-after teacher because his unique training is a rarity and he is a natural speaker who has the ability to articulate the mechanics of the skill of wood carving in an easily understood fashion.
The second characteristic these tools deliver is a good sustaining keen edge that can make that perfect thin wood curl. Most tools on the market use an inferior tool steel to lower production costs; however, great tool steel is of absolute importance to create the best quality for a wood carving tool edge. Ramelson and a few other companies make some styles but they don't forge bolsters and other details.

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