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10 Jan. 1985

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The elaborate design on the crest rail of this turn-of-the-century oak rocker was pressed into the wood, not carved. In furniture making and design, it always seems preferable that flat, plain panels of unadorned wood be largely avoided wherever possible. In the United States, carving skills were quickly developed by early Colonial workers, and an American tradition of hand carving was established.
Many American-born carvers emerged during the Rococo Revival period of the mid-century, and American carving reached both its height and its depth at the end of the 19th century.
The Renaissance Revival period of the late part of the century required some excellent carving skills incorporated into its architectural theme, but American furniture manufacturing in the 1880s and 1890s was entering the great factory-production period, and hand carving was too time consuming. Another sleight of hand (or factory, as it were) produced the overwhelming number of chairs around the turn of the century, primarily oak and sporting elaborate designs and patterns carved into the crest rails. A few of the more elaborate “face” chairs featuring demon heads or mythological creatures were, in fact, hand carved, but for the most part such designs were simply pressed in the wood. By the Depression era, the spindle carver, combined with the hand-held router, pretty much eliminated hand carving to any great degree. Such technologies means that, when it comes to American furniture, much of what may seem hand-carved is actually a trick of trade—at least for pieces before the turn of the 20th century.
Fred Taylor is a antique furniture Worthologist who specializes in American furniture from the Late Classicism period (1830-1850).

Indonesian furniture industry known for ethnic carvings and sculptures, there were a lots of indonesian island that produce various style and pattern of wood carving, the most known in the world is balinese and jepara, every culture has their own technique and tools to use on wood carving. There are too many carving pattern to display here on this blog, perhaps we will do some video update or show them on different blogs to show individual pattern of jepara carving legacy.
Mention about the text banner on the pictures, qualiteak is one of our friend, they also made some gorgeous furniture products. Hi fabian, thanks for stop by here friend, i believe wood carving stool that we put on post is only available in indonesia only. Hi I am looking for a reliable workshop that can execute some carvings on hard wood for me.
Wood Glue For Furniture Making Wood glue for furniture is one of main component that determine the quality of a product. We use various kind of furniture finishing materials that come from different vendor and also different quality. These are the carvers—the craftspeople who can release a figure from a blank block of wood or who can depict a fluid battle scene in a stationary medium. While mostly true for early Colonial pieces, the advent of factories and technology has the made the term “hand carved” not a true part of American furniture since before the turn of the 20th century. Some of the finest carving ever done in the Colonies was the work of the great New England cabinetmakers, even though they were influenced somewhat by English tastes.

A sharp steel die was rolled under great pressure over the plain wood crest rail destined for a new chair. The Greeks and Romans followed suit, and Western art, much of it religious, was soon scratched into wood in the Middle Ages.
Even after the United States was established as a separate entity, much of the carving work was influenced by European training and taste.
A skilled worker could manipulate the handle over a single master carving and turn out dozens of identically carved pieces in very short order. Patterns were traced into the wood and the apparent handwork of the deeply carved frames and feet was done by a worker with a power router following a design. We like to share what tools we use, how we use them and also some carving pattern that we have known from our father and great grand father. European Gothic carving was of the highest quality in oak, and later Renaissance carving was even more refined in the finer-grained walnut of the period. They were then glued to the appropriate piece of furniture and finished or painted just like the wood.

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