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29 Jul. 1981

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Body: Just because it looks like a clown doesn't mean you can't take this seagoing bird seriously.
Body: Use your painting skills to commemorate a bird that vanished--the passenger pigeon.
Content: SHOWCASEHANNAHS SETTING SUNBy Jamie WelshAshley Gray began carving at the age of eight, butit wasnt until he began working with well-known carver and instructor RonBroadwater five years later that he fully began to realize his potential. We have all kinds of interesting activity going on here at WILDFOWL CARVING MAGAZINE world headquarters. We have allkinds of interesting activity going on here at WILDFOWL CARVINGMAGAZINEworldheadquarters. These birds receive no praise for the beauty of their songs,win no awards for nest weaving, or score any points for grace as they franticallyflap over the water or waddle across rocky landscapes.
It has a summer plumage of lemonyellow or canary yellow offset by a black crown, wings, and tail feathers.There are four subspecies of American goldfinch, which is the state bird forIndiana, New Jersey, and Washington.

The puffins took adifferent path from other birds, trading beauty for a gaudy nose, unneeded songsfor grunts and croaks, and grace in the air for a beautiful combination of formand function below the surfaces of the oceans. The birds feed on wildflower seeds andthistles, food sources whose availability impacts their breeding cycle. We’ve combined reference articles from past issues of WILDFOWL CARVING MAGAZINE with an incredible collection of photographs by Steve Maslowski to give you a close-up look at more than two dozen water birds. Weve combined reference articles from pastissues of WILDFOWL CARVING MAGAZINEwithan incredible collection of photographs by Steve Maslowski to give you aclose-up look at more than two dozen water birds. After several years of hunting with hisfeathered partner, the owner released the bird back into the wild.
The passenger pigeon was also a popular bird to paint for artists.Passenger pigeon study skins and mounts are somewhat abundant, considering theage of the birds. He considers his time in their studio as one of themost rewarding periods in his carving career.

Those wholove the birds we feature in the magazine must feel like they are in Nirvanawhen they visit the Easton festival. Carvings have been one of the showscenterpieces since its beginnings and top carvers arrive each year to put theirwork on display (and up for sale).
Our new,improved site will allow us to post pictures and videos from the latest carvingshows, add master class video demonstrations from the worlds top carvers,and even launch a special WILDFOWL CARVINGnewsletter.Of course, we have to find time to get all that stuff done, but at least now wewill have the platform to support it. So whether you like ink-on-paper or bits andbytes, we have something new for you.This article appeared in Wildfowl Carving Magazine'sSpring 2012 issue.

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