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03 Jun. 1977

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Wood was the primary building material in New England in Colonial times, and outside of urban areas, it still is. Here is a factor that makes life easier for the woodworker and also keeps down the cost of building with wood: A sharp edge and some practice is all you need to cut and shape it. Wood can take on many shapes to fill many uses: posts, beams, planks, boards, clapboards, shingles, shelves, railings, trim, fine moldings, and more.
Brick, stone, stucco, and the new plastic materials all have their proper uses, alone or combined with wood, but it’s hard to imagine they could ever surpass it in popularity.
The building projects cover a broad spectrum as regards scale, geography, context and function, from large urban developments in areas of transformation within Stavanger, via the development of infrastructure and new areas, to infill and refurbishment within older wooden house environments. Plywood on steroidsNygaard and colleagues from research institutes around Norway are investigating how architects, builders and developers can increase the use of wood in Norwegian cities? places where buildings are generally made of concrete, steel, bricks and glass.Several tall wooden buildings are now going up in Norway.
Wood makes more possibleMarius Nygaard counts floors and points out window solutions on of the new buildings at the former Vulkan factory in Oslo.
The uncertainty principle as it applies in constructionTo date there are few Norwegian construction companies working with massive wood.
Ugly buildings can also be made in wood“We have to develop an urban wooden architecture. Wood is a renewable resources, after all, and today the region supplements its own wood supplies with imports from Canada and other parts of the US. There are still craft builders around who build wood-framed and –sided houses completely with hand tools!

Different species of trees provide wood suited for special purposes, too, due to differences in strength, stiffness, hardness, rot resistance, and fineness of grain.
And, with wood’s long history, we have developed a tremendous variety of coatings to seal out moisture while making our living spaces more beautiful. Entitled ‘Houses in Wood: The Modern Norwegian Model’, this Continuing Professional Development accredited event not only accompanies an exhibition of the work of architect Wenche Selmer, a seminal figure in post-war rural housing design in Norway, but also focuses on the competition-winning timber designs currently under construction in Stavanger as part of its European Capital of Culture programme. Alongside a spectacular range of new timber buildings and bridges, the programme for the event includes educational projects, workshops, conferences, research & development opportunities together with a new emphasis on value chain development that aims to create new companies within the region that are focused on modern methods of construction and production technology. The projects include signature buildings and “everyday architecture”, unique single objects and industrial mass production.
Architectural researchers think wooden buildings will have their renaissance, becoming more common in the urban picture. But wood has many properties that have always made it popular with builders as well as designers, homeowners, and people growing a business. This constant availability has kept wood’s price lower than the common competing materials, such as brick, stone, and concrete block.
Wood grain itself can be gorgeous when simply left natural (with only a clear sealant to help preserve its color and make it easier to clean).
With a focus on the use of materials, energy consumption and sustainability, ‘Norwegian Wood 2008’ aims to demonstrate ways in which modern timber architecture can relate to historic building environments and to show how timber can be the material of choice in urban contexts. Both kinds of buildings can serve as inspirations when wood buildings get their renaissance in urban areas.

But you cannot construct a whole city of single-storey houses in wood, each enveloped in its own verdant garden. If you glue blocks of wood together so these fibres criss-cross one another you can make long and extremely solid and durable wooden materials. Whether located on coastal outcrops, in wooded terrain or in inland suburbs, the subtle interplay between building and surroundings in her architecture is striking. What happens if we replace a concrete wall with a wooden wall− how does it perform with regard to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Architects, Consulting and Structural Engineers, Housing Associations, Housebuilders, Developers, Contractors, Local Authority Building Control and Planning Officers as well as students of architecture and engineering. Researchers at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) are encouraging more use of wood in the city. Fire proofing has made headway since great blazes turned Norway’s wooden towns into charcoal, time and time again through the Middle Ages and up into the 1700s.
To prevent further loss of life and property, statutes were passed prohibiting wooden houses within central city limits. We need to develop solutions which exploit the technical and architectural possibilities of wood.

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