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11 Apr. 2006

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Unfortunately, the similarities between DayZ and H1Z1 extend beyond the setting and into the state of the game.
Crafting in H1Z1 is one of the key game mechanics in order to progress and survive in a world filled with zombies and crazed nudists. The most important objects related to crafting at the moment are Scrap Metal, Logs, and an Axe.
The next pages contain all of the current crafting recipes for H1Z1, however they are subject to change. H1Z1 is seeing a flood of new players despite the fact that it only launched this past Friday as a Steam Early Access title. The first step you should take when you spawn on a H1Z1 server is to find out where you are on the map. This image posted by Reddit user RoyAwesome on the H1Z1 sub-Reddit has all the locations in the game along with a coordinate grid (larger 80 MB version).

You will die quickly if you go running around the world of H1Z1 with only your fists after you spawn. To learn more about what you can craft in H1Z1, take a look at the appropriately named H1Z1 Craft. Unfortunately, I had to run past a massive herd of undead to get here, making quite a bit of racket in the process, and they're getting closer as I bring out my axe. Opening the inventory window and switching to the crafting tab shows me that I already know how to whittle wood logs down to planks and sticks. I take my survivor's shirt off and shred it into strips, and then put it in the discovery window with the wood sticks. Scrap metal is mostly found in cars, or is obtained by beating said car with a crowbar, and logs are found by beating down trees with your handy axe. Without discovering a recipe, you cannot craft it, however, each of the recipes required materials will always be its discovery components (If iy requires 4 planks and a stick, you need a plank and a stick to discover it), so if you're stuck, you can always look up guides.

It’s got most, if not all, of the currently known craftable items in the game and their recipes.
It even goes through some steps automatically for me—if I choose to craft wooden sticks, the game will first transform logs to planks, and then to the stick that I want.
It's a small thing that makes H1Z1 feel more game than simulation, much like how your health, thirst, and stamina are tracked in the interface instead of inferred through “you are hungry” messages and how hazy your screen becomes, but it works. The two crafting objects however, are the basic part of almost every recipe in game found through the discovery menu. Every time you discover a possible component (such as nails) you want to make at least one of them, this will allow you to also discover crafting recipes that use those items as well as they become more complex and require more unique parts.

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