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04 Dec. 1989

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The twig chair is the hallmark project for someone who appreciates the traditional craft of twig furniture making. Once registered, students will receive a confirmation packet in the mail that may offer additional optional tool recommendations and suggested reading. Chair Design No matter how large or how small a willow chair you build, its main structural components will always be in the same proportions. Jim will bring plenty of green willow and lead you through the process of making a rustic, bent willow chair using only hand tools.
In this course you will work with native alder and willow following a basic twig chair design that can be individualized with curved, bent, or straight twig furniture techniques. Decisions regarding course cancellations (as related to minimum enrollment) are made three weeks before the class starts--so if you've got a course in mind, plan ahead and sign up at least three weeks in advance! Lewis earns a couple hundred dollars weekly making these wonderfully old-timey pieces of furniture, and there's no reason why you can't do the same!
That is: the rear legs (and the two large, horizontal backrest support members) will be twice the length of the front legs, while all rungs, braces, and crosspieces will be halfway between the two in length.
At the end of the workshop you will have a beautiful, handcrafted piece of rustic furniture to take home.
A harvesting field trip will provide an opportunity to gather some of the materials that will personalize each chair, in addition to providing a chance to field identify twig furniture materials. As that time rolls around we announce when the new dates will "go live" in our e-newsletter.

And that chairs of all three sizes will show an obvious family resemblance.How to Build a Chair's FrameBefore you begin, cut all your pieces of stock to length (Photo 2).
During the first day of class, students will construct a basic chair frame using materials provided by the instructor. On the assumption that you already have the first two requisites, here is Ernest's shared knowledge on how to make willow chairs. On the following morning, students will take a field trip to identify brushwood species and to gather materials for the chair seat and back. Gathering WillowWhen the plant's buds begin to swell and leaf tips start to appear on its branches—in other words, when the sap starts to flow—that's the time to go after willow. By day three students will finish their chair and talk about other applications such as footstools, tables, etc. Grip and twist each run or crosspiece, and — if there's any movement — add another nail.So far, you will have used 11 of the 14 mid-length framing members you started with. If the curve is uniform, you can consider the rod usable.Next, stand your chair upright, kneel in front of it, and tuck the larger end of the willow behind the middle of the chair's lowest front cross-member. When the willow has the shape you want, nail it down.Before you add another rod to that side, repeat the above procedure on the opposite side of the chair.
Now add a second willow to one of the arms, outside the first willow, and nail it to the first one every few inches so that both assume the same shape. That way, the third willow will cover any fastener points that protrude through the second one.) Keep adding switches — first to one side, then the other — until each arm contains five rods altogether.

For this, you'll need your longest — and best — willows.Start by bending an 8-to-9 foot-long rod into a circle and tucking its ends down inside the uppermost side rungs of the seat frame (Photo 6, see Image Gallery).
Position it (and all following pieces) so that the finished headrest will slant forward slightly at its apex (as shown in Photo 7, see Image Gallery).
Finally, nail this branch to the outside of each arm, the inside of the seat frame, and — every 6 inches or so — to the first headrest willow.
Mark the spot, and nail the crosspiece there (see Figure 1, framing member number 10, in Image Gallery).All you need to do now is install the seat willows, which run from the front of the seat to the back, and up behind the oval headrest (Photo 7, see Image Gallery). Space these willows no more than an inch apart, and attach them to the seat frame with small nails.
Afterward, you may want either to cut the willows off flush with the seat's uppermost horizontal framing member, or let them run on up to the arched headrest and fan them out (or, perhaps, bend them into curlicues).And sit down and take a rest.
You've just made your first willow chair!Selling Homemade FurnitureWhen your first chair is finished, probably every member of the family will feel that he or she needs one. And your friends (if they're anything like mine) will try to wheel and deal you out of your finished product, thinking it's more difficult to build than it really is.Moreover, total strangers will offer you money for your handiwork. In my case, hardly a week goes by that I don't sell $200 worth of willow goods (including not just chairs but footstools, settees, and other items).

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