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03 Jun. 1994

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Having grown up and lived along the coast of New England for the better part of my life, cedar shingled homes seem to be an integral part of me. Today siding a home with cedar shingles is vastly different then it was when I started that first project. These shingles are squared and rebutted so no more hand planing, kiln dried and they are a pleasure to work with. Ceder shingles have been a proven siding choice for the harsh climate of coastal New England for centuries and with good reason. Just as the couple was about to shake hands on the deal, the wife noticed the car next to the perfect one, she was undoubtedly drawn to it by the fiberoptic lighting that washed reds and then blues and whites against the fine trunk area of this car. Busy Friday for this guy, which means you get a reminder of the Williams Bay Corn and Brat Roast and nothing else. This is true in real estate as well, which is why today there are 10 lakefront homes on Geneva offered for sale under $1.5MM and no one seems to care. It does not provide the same look but are vastly easier and faster to install the shingles when used. Now I use a nail gun that shoots a ringed stainless steel nail and even though it is still only 2 nails per shingle I can now apply many shingles on a row at once.
They do cost a bit more than the shingles that you would get at your local lumber yard, but they are well worth it. If there is a car lot in Sometown, Wisconsin that has 39 red sedans for sale and just one white sedan, the buying masses will clamor for another white sedan.
Then if that wasn't enough fun, each shingle was hand nailed with 2 nails each no matter the width.

I thought maybe the crowd that had gathered simply lacked the financial willpower to purchase the shiny one, which is why they were more attracted to the other ones. While I recognize that this is a requirement of this vocation, the buyer who behaves this way is not only wasting the time of the Realtor, but she's wasting her own time as well. In fact, they'll say that they'd buy a white sedan for more money than they'd pay for the red sedan, if only the dealer had a white one to sell. Entry level lakefront homes are generally limited, either by parking or by size, and often by finishes, but to sit on a white pier that's all your own is a bit of magic.
We have shared many beautiful moments here, under this roof, which doesn't leak, not one bit. We took a family picture on that lawn once, and the men wore khaki and blue and the women wore white. It'll be broadcast for everyone to see, and it'll be touted as a great success, which it is. In the same way, in Anothertown, Illinois, if a dealer has 39 white cars and just one red car, the clamoring will be over red. While Dave Mathews was making odd faces and singing, Blake Shelton was talking about anything but his newest ex-wife, and Martin Short was presumably making jokes at the Driehaus lakefront party.
Fontana hosted their annual Lobster Boil and Steak Fry, which benefits either the Lions Club, or the Jaycee's, or the fire department, I can't be sure. My aunt wore her white Tory Burch shoes and I can remember the look on her face when those heels sunk into the lakeside lawn.
I watched and guessed, and thought that this must be the reason that the other cars were selling while the beautiful one sat.

Assuming this sale prints in 2015, that will be two Geneva lakefront closings over $5MM in the same calendar year, which is the first time that's happened since the advent of time. There is a process of elimination, then a process of interviewing, via phone or email, whichever is the more convenient for our buyer. In the same way, some choose to vacation where there are lots of things to do, while others seek out an absence of activities. All the while it just so happened to be 83 and sunny, with a few white puffy clouds dotting the horizon but seemingly never interrupting the sunshine. I won't go on and on about the differences between the two vacation home destinations, because these differences are so black and white that it's unfair to try to contrast the two. For a while there are many, then few, then, later into the afternoon when the evening sets in, I see none at all. A summer weekend in Lake Geneva can give you everything you want, no matter if fun is found in a stadium full of people, or at the end of a white pier surrounded by deep blue water.
That's not all together true, because we only stayed in the porch for a while until we decided that it was just too chilly to spend another minute out there.

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