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14 Aug. 2004

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As Sherry mentioned in her Pinterest Challenge post this morning, we DIYed some easy wood frames for her homemade artwork. Since Sherry had painted two canvasses, I repeated the process with another piece of scrap wood to make a second frame. Before attaching the sides together, I did a quick pass with some sandpaper to make sure all of the edges were smooth. There are companies out there, like Mirror Mate, who can make it super easy for you – but like the true DIY addicts that we are, we opted to try our hand at making this guy from scratch. I used my miter saw to cut my corners on an angle, but if you are miter-saw-less you can also do a simpler frame that’s kind of like this chalkboard frame that we built instead. Another challenge of this project was to make the frame rest over the plastic clips that hold the mirror to the wall. I used a Dremel to make small grooves on all sides of my marked notch, just so I’d get a relatively clean edge. Use a small drill bit to make some not-too-deep pilot holes, fairly close together (see, if all you have is a drill you’re cool). Once all of my notches (four in total) were made, I used my Kreg Jig to make pocket holes and then join my corners together.
Before painting it, we brought it inside to make sure it fit and looked square and everything. Fast forward about a day and I primed and painted the frame white (Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss, using a small foam roller for a smooth result). I’ve seen other folks do this project where they simply use some heavy duty caulk or construction adhesive to straight up stick their frame to the mirror itself.
And then just to make sure the bottom of the frame didn’t flap out or anything, we put a couple of dots of silicone caulk between the frame and the mirror just to hold it in place (we taped the frame down along the bottom until the caulk dried so it would hold it firmly for the long haul). When all was said and done caulked and dried, we just filled those two screw holes with wood putty and painted them so they weren’t obvious.
Even for a not-very-fancy frame, we’re pretty darn pleased with how it polished off that big unpolished beast in the room.
And now, much like The Talking Dead takes a fond look back at each zombie who is killed (please tell me you guys watch that), we shall take a fond look back at the bathroom that greeted us when we moved in back in 2010 (sorry about the bad lighting, Sherry grabbed the picture right as we pulled up in the moving truck before we carried in about five million boxes). Exactly what I was going to say – always paint the back if it will be reflected in the mirror.
You can also just use wood chisels to cut out the small sections of wood for the mirror clips if you don’t own a drill (and personally I think it is easier). I used a lot of wood glue, pushed my pieces as close together as possible, and asked one of my boys to hammer in a couple of joiners across the seam.
I put heavy books on it to make sure the corners all laid flat and left it to dry for a couple of hours. Then I just flipped the foam board over, center the print in the frame, and stapled the foam board right to the frame. You have fans in the UK here at ironmongeryOnline where we also blog about upcycling etc – these look great and would make a great gift too.
Love this post, but a little confused how you got the measurements for the frame without mitered corners. Yep, I love how cheap this ends up being, especially if you’re making multiple frames. All posts and pictures are copyrighted by Autumn Baldwin and blog content may not be reposted elsewhere. Wood has always had an unmistakable edge over other materials like metal and steel which are prone to warping and bending with use over time. Whether a house owner is a vintage lover or a modern decorator, when it comes to buying a bed frame, people opt for wooden frames only.
Collage picture frames are slightly larger than single picture frames and have many opening usually three r more to their single frame.
Picture frames are one of the most commonly used home decor item today and hence the most popular.
These wooden frames are needed for various purposes and to name a few they are for home, gallery, studio, offices, or even for the purpose of arts and crafts. As mentioned above, a variety of wooden frames one of them is the tracer frame that is actually MDF frame engraved with plywood bottom and is finished with laminated is painted white from inside along with a tube light inside as well as outside.
The wooden frames that are available as wooden mirror frames comes in lots and lots of designs and sizes, shapes and styles, and their design and the type of polishing make such frames largely popular in the global market.
The wooden picture frames are also available as carved frames that are generally hand made wooden photo frames and serves as decorative products in any corner of the home or even an office.
Another type are the canvas frames that are used for painting purpose and also for making notes.
The wooden frames are very easy to maintain and make sure that the picture or the painting is protected from any kind of dust or dirt. The wooden frames are not only meant for putting pictures and hanging those on the wall but you can also attach a good art or painting for home decoration purpose.

We started off on the right foot by digging out enough scrap wood from my enormous basement junk pile. It happened to be a different type of wood from our scrap wood (less polished, sort of knottier and more rustic), but at least it was the same size. Although I’d need to buy wood, wood glue, a triangle, a saw, a staple gun, staples and photo hanging supplies.
Ive been waiting patiently all afternoon for this post :) I have a stack of offsized art that I dying to get up on my walls but spending all that dough on specialty sized frames seemed crazy to me. When I got up this morning, I thought about making frames would be a great thing to learn so I could begin decorating our (hopefully) new home on the cheap. After considering some more ornate moldings or window trim, we decided a flat chunky piece of wood would be best (and it’d match the chunky shelf nearby without competing too much with other more interesting items like our patterned window shade or the new vanity knobs). This picture below gives you a better sense of how my unpretty notches will fit up against the clips (while still not being visible to anyone once the frame is in place). And weirdly enough, in person it makes the room feel taller since it somehow draws your eye up more than the frameless mirror used to.
New mirror frame for a total of $14 and about three hours of time if you count all the building, chipping out notches, priming, and painting. I really want to make another one and pick a better stain, though, because I think that could be gorgeous. When I want to change the print, it’s easy to pop the staple out, take the print off the foam board, and tape a new one in, with no damage to the print or frame. I need frames for these gorgeous pictures I have for my bathroom and I don’t want to spend a crazy ton of money. Apart from the basic structured, plain looking frame that usually solves the purpose of functionality, you can easily find wooden bed frames with sliding storage spaces, headboards of various kinds and foot spaces as well. Often the most used item of decoration, pictures of old family members and splendid vacations taken abroad are the ones that find their place on the mantle, corner table or walls of the house.
These wooden frames are available at various places and in various forms and styles to serve a variety of purposes. Apart from these the engraved wooden frames have an esthetic appeal and are used largely for decorative purposes.
Such frames are the master pieces that serve for decorative purposes and makes the place more attractive and appealing.
The wooden window and door frames are normally designed according to the specifications of the client but are available in standard sizes as well. The picture frames which are made up of different products such as glass, plastic or even the wooden frames can be used as a home decorative items and the overall scenario of the place will change. So first I marked where I need to notch out the wood so that the clips would rest inside and the wood could lay flush against the mirror.
Oh, and this one goes along the bottom of the frame which is why my notch won’t be seen even though it goes all the way to the edge of the wood.
So when we measured and cut our frame we made sure it overlapped the top edge of the mirror (the only edge without a wall, the counter, or some tile in its way).
Your idea will allow me to make unique, original frames and it’ll be extremely cost effective. Wooden furniture always has a sense of character attached to it, making it look like a unique piece of creativity unlike, metal furniture which usually have stark edges and designs and are more prone to looking mass produced as opposed to custom- made. Bringing artistic intelligence to the decor of the house, these collage picture frames are the best way to tell a story through the pictures displayed on them. By displaying these memories on the walls and tables of the house adorned in standing frames or hanging picture frames, a house owner usually brings a lot of character and emotion to the otherwise brick and mortar of the house. These pictures are usually displayed for the guests to enjoy their creativity and end up being a point of conversation at most times.
Such frames are crafted from finest wood materials and are finished to almost near to perfection. The sublimation wooden frames features smooth edges, designer dimensions, excellent and lasting finish, and along with it a stable base. With such frames you can find different sizes and designs that can be fitted appropriately in one of the walls. There are some special picture frames available where you can put all your favorite pictures and place it on the wall. I just really wanted to make simple frames so anyone at home without a Jig or other more complicated materials could follow along. That meant I could drive a couple of screws through the frame and into the wall without being anywhere near the mirror to make sure the frame wouldn’t come crashing down on us. The popularity of wooden furniture has always been on the rise with the old English era to the more modern and contemporary designs preferred today.
Apart from the variety in the structure of these wooden bed frames, a lot of furniture stores keep intricately carved wooden bed frames with them to suit the purposes of the home owners who are looking for those special, keepsake pieces.
For instance, if you feel like displaying the photographs of the various family members of the house on the walls of the living room, instead of hanging one big family picture of all the members, one could bring a twist of creativity to the decoration of the wall by displaying a collage picture frame in the shape of a tree with various openings for multiple photographs, allowing you to display single photographs of the family members while weaving a story about their relationship with one another.

While the photographs have sentimental value, there are usually many houses that treasure the frames they have been passed on in as well. Such frames are prepared from moldings that are made from real wood, MDF, eco-friendly wood composite, and very often laminates as well. These are small things that can enhance the complete room and make the place look really attractive. This wooden frames helps in displaying all special events of your lives and all guests can too check your memorable moments and events from such frames. We figured this was the faster version of priming it with a brush, waiting for it to dry, and then painting it by hand – but that always works too (we have painted frames both ways with success). We follow those directions to the letter, and usually use a few of them to hold things up (ex: four of them on each edge of the frame). I figured it couldn’t be too hard to make my own using a $5 pine board from Home Depot. Wooden bed frames are found in furniture stores today, with a lot of variations that solve the purpose of storage, space and look. Found in many types of woods and varnishes, the home owners today, are spoilt for choices when it comes to remodelling and decorating the various bedrooms in the house. Such antique picture frames have a lot of value not only sentimentally but also intrinsically as well.
When it comes to wooden frames there are so many options available that you can resist yourself once you check out such wide varieties of different stores and online shops. Moreover the wooden frames can be gifted for various events or occasions making it cheaper for you rather buying every time a fresh new piece. The picture frames are ideal for all uses and with so many online stores and shops you can find variety of designs and styles with such picture frames.
Instead of steel or wrought iron counterparts, wooden bed frames are a better choice as they are not only sturdy in make and functionality, but also leave a lot of scope for customization in any way that the home owner desires.
Though mostly larger in size, the shape of these frames is an artistic pleasure of display in itself. Antique picture frames are dated, old frames that have a lot of history attached to them, usually belonging to the era of art and creativity when everything held a certain sense of drama and story behind their existence.
The wooden frames have its own demand as such pieces can make any normal picture or painting look really sophisticated and attractive. Whenever you are going to buy such wooden frames make sure you buy in bulk and this can help you to save a considerable amount of money.
With so many online stores around you can find various designs and styles with wooden frames that getting the most appropriate and desirable model is not a great deal. Be it with storage space under the bed, variety of headboards and foot spaces or the carving and type of wood, since these wooden bed frames have a lot of scope for creativity, a home owner can add his touch of individuality to his particular piece making it unique and special. Giving the home owner an opportunity to display more than one picture through a single frame, these photo frames have gained popularity in terms of home decoration. Such frames are not mass produced and are unique pieces that tell the story of their existence and history, which is why they are termed as valuable pieces of decoration.
No, when a person buys and displays a beautiful, expensive painting, framing it in an antique picture frame makes the most sense. The wooden frames can help in putting family pictures in your living room and design the wall with various picture frames, ideal for gifts as well.
So make sure you get one piece for you and showcase some of the special moments of your life.
Inexpensive in cost, these frames were originally designed and mass produced to solve the purpose of buying multiple frames and saving money on that account. Not only does it protect your picture from dust and exposure as these frames are customized and made by hand, but such frames also do justice to the beauty of the painting itself. But since they have a unique way of decorating the walls and tables of the house, they have gained popularity as the most sought after pieces when it comes to purchasing frames. There are many home owners who love to display their old family photographs in small standing antique frames as well. Today, many stores are selling collage frames attached with clocks and other gadgets to bring excitement and purpose to the otherwise plain use of picture frames.
Also making a great gift, collage picture frames are growing in popularity in terms of home decoration. Antique picture frames maybe a bit more costly than the normal mass produced frames found in stores today, but the sheer existence and opulence of such frames is in the uniqueness and exclusivity of these frames.

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