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13 May. 2015

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Every interface between the user's hand and the planes has been analysed, modelled and re-invented to ensure comfortable, fatigue-free operation. Those marvellous fellows at Brimarc asked if I'd like to review the range of Veritas planes on behalf of the members here, and after pausing long enough to pick myself up off the floor, I said "oh, all right then". Lee Valley Veritas make three models of block plane; a small ”Apron” plane, and adjustable mouth Low and Standard Angle planes. All three blades bedded down solidly in the plane; I was particularly impressed with the fit to the top of the adjuster in all of them. That's certainly given me food for thought, as I am looking for an Apron or a Low Angle Block plane next.
Great review Alf and thanks to Brimarc for sending her the planes Looking foward to the next one. Really enjoyed that even though I am not in the market for a new block plane, it is interesting to hear how Veritas are progressing with their range.
All the planes have been designed to allow use on a shooting board, so squareness of the sides to the sole is an issue.

You wouldn’t want to be shooting the ends of carcass sides with these planes, but for trimming mouldings, fillets etc, they’re a handy solution. I'm kind of in the market for a LA block plane (I have a Stanley and it works but I just know a LN or now, a LV would work far better! The Apron is a bit bigger than the nearest L-N equivalent, and I found it more controllable with two hands.
Two hands worked best for me here too, but I felt in control of the Low Angle plane all the time. Well I do have a particular liking for fixed mouth block planes, but for all round handiness I think the Low Angle has to get the nod. The low profile lever cap must make a difference in how high your grip has to be, but it just wasn’t low enough for my hands.
To be fair, a large standard angle block plane is one of the few planes I don’t have (Gasp ), so I can’t base my observations about it on previous experience of other makes.
The lateral adjustment on the Apron plane was very smooth, but on the others the grub screws made it a little jerky.

As I, er, perspired that shiny lever cap got slippery, and I found my hand sliding down towards the toe and inevitable loss of control of the plane resulted. As long as it works this isn’t really a problem I suppose, but I think if I’d bought the plane I’d have some concerns, although the box proclaimed it was checked for quality control, so obviously it’s well within manufacturing tolerances as far as L-V are concerned. I must stress, this is just what I found, and I’m sure many would not find it a problem, but perhaps something to bear in mind if you have small hands or short fingers.
If you have a young Galoot In Training who wants to plane “just like daddy”, this might be the solution.

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