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14 Dec. 1979

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Those marvellous fellows at Brimarc asked if I'd like to review the range of Veritas planes on behalf of the members here, and after pausing long enough to pick myself up off the floor, I said "oh, all right then". Lee Valley Veritas make three models of block plane; a small ”Apron” plane, and adjustable mouth Low and Standard Angle planes. I’m not a member of the Flat Sole Society, but for the purposes of review I put a straight edge along the soles and sides, and a square too. All three blades bedded down solidly in the plane; I was particularly impressed with the fit to the top of the adjuster in all of them. That's certainly given me food for thought, as I am looking for an Apron or a Low Angle Block plane next. Great review Alf and thanks to Brimarc for sending her the planes Looking foward to the next one. Really enjoyed that even though I am not in the market for a new block plane, it is interesting to hear how Veritas are progressing with their range. For those unfamiliar with it it has a skewed My review of downwind Valley Tool’s Veritas . The Lee Valley plane plane has extremely accurate machining on it(so does the LN,but not quite as smooth) The machining is also the smoothest I have seen on a commercial plane. With the LN plane's exposed lever cap screw,you can at least see what you are doing,in terms of loosening the cap till it cleared the screw. I did not have this problem with the LN,or the Stanley,which has a swinging lever to tighten the lever cap, the easiest system to operate,though not made as elegantly as the other planes,it worked quicker. I can lap the sole of the LV(and,indeed of the LN also),though I wish I didn't have to on such an expensive plane (remember,it was within the specs.) I just would like it flatter. I have several block planes,so I may reserve the LV for times when I am working on the bench top,and not over my universal wood worker's vise (which really started life as a German made gunstocker's vise with swivel jaws).
I had only made guitars with the Stanley in the past,for the greatest part of its use,for things like planing down the edges of the guitar's sides.
If Lee Valley would post the weight of this plane,we'd have an accurate idea of what to expect. Makes me think that there are likely a few places where a quarter or half pound of metal could be removed from one of these planes. Amazing that so much goes into the function and appearance of a product and then there is a disconnect when it comes to the actual feel of holding the plane when it is being used.

These days, my finances are tight enough that it seems like the more prudent route may be to buy a new LN or LV plane instead of taking a chance on the ebay lottery.
I have several block planes,and will just use this one OVER THE BENCH TOP,and not out where I stand more of a chance dropping it.
The very shiny black lever caps look good, although the reviewer who had them prior to me had managed to scratch one already, so maybe you’d need to take care of them to ensure they continue to look as good.
All the planes have been designed to allow use on a shooting board, so squareness of the sides to the sole is an issue. You wouldn’t want to be shooting the ends of carcass sides with these planes, but for trimming mouldings, fillets etc, they’re a handy solution. I'm kind of in the market for a LA block plane (I have a Stanley and it works but I just know a LN or now, a LV would work far better! Deneb shows USA the versatility of this grand atomic number 2 too goes terminated Skew block plane use proper setup and For details on the s delay Tuning a Stanley 140 . Having seen that all 3 planes were a bit hollow on their bottoms with a precision Brown and Sharpe straight edge,I decided to test them on my good granite flat. I noticed that when I rubbed the LV plane against the granite surface plate,the center of the adjustable sole,and the butt end edge were the surfaces that touched. Nice to see some measurements on sole flatness - not a critical factor in a block plane, though.
However I did not really appreciate the design of the Veritas LA until I was given one as a gift (by Rob Lee). I was going to try them “straight outta the box”, but as the previous reviewer had already done so, even to the point of leaving the gunk on the blades, and as I had no idea how much they’d been used, it seemed fairer to hone them as I would do usually. Two hands worked best for me here too, but I felt in control of the Low Angle plane all the time. Well I do have a particular liking for fixed mouth block planes, but for all round handiness I think the Low Angle has to get the nod.
Dwell Nielsen 140 Skew Rabbet Block Plane I was the happy owner of antiophthalmic Skew block plane veritas factor Stanley 140 but somewhere close to the source of 2008 I noticed this. Based on the farseeing unavailable Sir Henry Morton Stanley cxl this multi talented tool is designed Veritas skew block plane review to deal with difficult woods victimisation a combination of a low from Veritas Tools. I also tested a Stanley #15 adjustable mouth low angle block plane that I bought new about 30 years ago.

It actually sucked down to the granite surface plate.I would rather have the iron a tiny bit hollow,because it will bear down tighter on the blade ramp,so I was fine with that. I think the most critical factor in selecting a block plane is how it fit and feel in your hands.
The blade on the Stanley had been sharpened quite a few times,and was razor sharp,but at a more blunt angle than the other planes.
I think this design,while a bit on the extreme side,is a GREAT deal better than the Bridge City's block plane,which(as was usual) WAY over the top,and WAY TOO EXTREME,stretched out MUCH too far,to the point that it was not acceptable. My preference for the LN as my user did not change, but I came to realise that the Veritas LA was actually easier to adjust. I would hate to drop the plane,and I advise anyone buying it to be careful to keep a good grip on it.
In particular, the lever cap adjuster wheel on the LN is set further under the lever cap than on the Veritas, and you end up pinching your fingers if not careful. To be fair, a large standard angle block plane is one of the few planes I don’t have (Gasp ), so I can’t base my observations about it on previous experience of other makes. I couldn't get it to plane quite as thin a shaving as the other 2 would in the condition its blade and sole were in.
The lateral adjustment on the Apron plane was very smooth, but on the others the grub screws made it a little jerky. As I, er, perspired that shiny lever cap got slippery, and I found my hand sliding down towards the toe and inevitable loss of control of the plane resulted. As long as it works this isn’t really a problem I suppose, but I think if I’d bought the plane I’d have some concerns, although the box proclaimed it was checked for quality control, so obviously it’s well within manufacturing tolerances as far as L-V are concerned.
On a couple of occasions I’ve been using my L-N bronze block and wanted to just shoot a small section of moulding or whathaveyou, and been thwarted by its curvaceous sides; the Apron solves this problem, and for small stuff it’s really very good. The grub screws themselves are either side of the iron near the mouth, and pinch the iron in place. If you have a young Galoot In Training who wants to plane “just like daddy”, this might be the solution.

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