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16 Nov. 2000

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Versatility is key when building fine woodworking projects and many times it helps to know how to get results using different methods.
The woodturning tools used for this wood project are the roughing gouge, the diamond parting tool, and a spindle gouge that has a fingernail grind. This sequel continues our study to learn of one of the great woodworking crafts, segmented woodturning.
After the base is cut on the bandsaw we will mount the base on the wood lathe so that we can turn the tenon to fit the mortise.
With the base mounted on the woodturning lathe we will take the segmented assembly and fit the mortise and tenon together.
After the glue-up dries and the bowl structure is complete it is time for turning wood and shaping the bowl. After the wood turner is finished turning the fruit bowl he will then switch to sandpaper to remove any marks left by the gouge.
The wood finish for the segmented fruit bowl started with an application of SealCoat and finished with three coats of satin Arm-R-Seal.
This is in response to a viewer with a mini lathe who had questions concerning what wood turning tools were used during the video of turning the Salt and Pepper Mills. If you recall we started out this woodworking project with a small amount of Koa and our goal from the beginning was to test our woodworking skills to see how far we can maximize the amount of wood we have available to us. We have a small amount of Koa remaining so we are going to use glue to laminate pieces of wood into a turning blank.
Note: (You will notice in the woodworking video that the fingernail grind has a unique angle.

You will see how a tenon is made and you will notice how the tenon held in the lathe chuck for the turning of the handle. In this woodworking video our focus shifts to learn how to woodturn the segmented fruit bowl. When we have a good fit we will then proceed with the glue-up of the two parts of our segmented woodturning. The segmented woodturning video reveals a spindle gouge with a fingernail grind for much of the interior and exterior wood turning. Pay close attention to the different lathe chucks being used at various times to hold the wood.
Due to the length of your wood lathe you may need to bore out on your larger lathe, the drill press, or carefully by hand.
Segmented woodturning offers a great way of utilizing scrap wood left over in the woodworking workshop while creating wonderful designs in this woodcraft. Other lathe gouges used for this sequence of wood turning include the following: A roughing gouge is used to remove the waste from the base exterior. Included with the set is a diagram with necessary dimensions for height and also dimensions for the wood boring. From here it is just a matter of setting up the blank on the wood lathe between the drive spur and the live center. If a woodturner is going to use a spindle gouge with a fingernail grind then it is commonsense that the wood turner will need to know how to recreate this angle at the grinding wheel at the bench grinder when the tool dulls. We move up in sandpaper grits as we go and then finally we burnish the Koa handle with the wood shavings.

He will then tri-fold a quarter sheet and sand with that as the wooden bowl spins on the lathe.
Since it is about 103 degrees in the desert today we are going to use cyanoacrylate glue to laminate the Koa for the woodturning blank. Some manufacturers of lathe gouges market expensive signature gouges that come with a fingernail grind. So, now that we have learned how to woodturn a handle for the koa wood jewelry box, we will focus on joinery in the next posting.
This fruit bowl was sanded to 220 grit sandpaper and then burnished with the wood shavings. Also, take a look at how the choice of wood tones contrast one another to highlight and accentuate the piece.
Chances are you will need to sharpen the tool before you start turning on the lathe so keep this in mind when purchasing.
To prepare the wood project for finishing the bowl was then wiped with a micro-fiber towel to remove any remaining dust. So far we have covered slicing wood veneer on the band saw and using the vacuum press as a clamp for laminating the veneer packets.
So, we are going to move forward and head over to the woodworking lathe to woodturn a handle out of Koa wood for the jewelry box lid.

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