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Has anyone had any luck finding a supplier of Tannic acid powder to recolor antique red cedar ship-lap siding. This is more of a question – I have an historic Arts and Crafts bungalow, which has cedar shingle siding (I think it has its original, 100 yo shingles). There are several types of siding you can choose for your house including but not limited to wood, vinyl, Masonite and cement board.
Masonite siding can give the look of wood for less money but you better be even more diligent in your care of this product. Cement board siding (aka Hardy Plank Siding) is somewhat of a flexible cement product if you can imagine that.
Red cedar lasts longer and doesn’t have to be painted and it weathers over the years to a brownish color. I believe our house has red cedar on it now and it looks like the shingles were painted once they were on the house.
Notice how the bottom of the red cedar shingle has a rough bottom and the white cedar shingle has a smooth bottom.
Before all the new material began to emerge most homes were sided in either a clapboard or shingle type siding.

Both are a good siding and if you have them on your house and they are in good shape and still look good you may want to consider keeping it. Vinyl siding has swept across this country like a tidal wave and believe me it is here to stay.
We specialize in Roofing and Siding Replacement, as well as Window, Door, and Deck Installation. The downside is that there is so much tannin in the red cedar that some of it leeches out through the nail holes and you will see black splotches. I just did a job for 5 squares (500 square feet) of white cedar on 3 sides, back side wasn’t done, on a garage that was previously stained 25 years ago and is in a wind exposed New England ocean location on top of a 100 foot hill.
Wood siding is made of all different types of wood with cedar being the longest lasting (within a reasonable price range anyway). White cedar also doesn’t have to be painted and it weathers over the years to a gray color. You must be diligent in the care of your wood siding if you want to get the maximum life out of it.
There was also a more inferior type of this product being used in the eighties that was basically a pressed cardboard as far as I’m concerned.

There are so many different types of vinyl siding I will not be able to list them all here but I’ll cover the basics for you.
I actually owned a property with asbestos siding that was in good shape so I painted it dark blue with white trim and it looked surprisingly good.
The main thing some people do not like about these types are that you can see the seams, they don’t look exactly like wood and they do fade a little over time. The total job cost with this siding is about 3 times as much as the others but it is a very high quality siding.
The wind rating on this siding is 170 mph and more and when installed by a qualified siding contractor I have no doubt that they would withstand those wind speeds, not to mention it looks great. The only bad thing I can see about this siding is that repairs are not easy to do because it is so well interlocked that is difficult to take off and get back on but you have to expect that from a siding that can withstand a small tornado. But if you would like to have a siding that you never have to touch for the rest of your life then “Vinyl is King”.

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