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16 Dec. 2010

Triton router parts,download 16 000 woodworking plans,plans for wood chairs - PDF Review

Started in 1976, Triton Tools began in Australia at workstations and have evolved as a respected precision tool company.
Please note that while this modification makes the Triton router easier to use in a table with an auxiliary switch, be aware that you are increasing your risk of injury or damage to your router. I like my Triton TRC001 3HP quite a bit, but only as a table-mounted router, not a hand-held. While it's possible to remove the cover, this doesn't make the Triton a good hand-held router because now it's dangerous.
Luckily, this modification is fairly simple, because the Triton isn't monitoring the position of the power switch at all.

Built-in above-the-table bit changes and height adjustments, plus an auto-locking spindle are as well-done as the power switch is badly-done.Butthat power switch is, once again, a major pain when the Triton is table-mounted. In these photos, I've removed the side of the router and I'm holding the switch cover where it normally goes.
Check our website frequently for the newly added products, discounted Triton accessories and our Contests and Promotions page.
By removing the interlock, you can now raise the spindle into the lock position while it's running or start the router while it's locked if you forget to lower it first. If you need a router for both hand-held and table use, get a different router with a sensible power switch.

Store them somewhere in case you want to sell the Triton one day and need to put it back in.
The router body rides on these bars, when the router is raised it goes up along this bar (remember, the router is upside-down here). That shaft actually a part that slides out of the end cap, just pull it out and then out of the spring and set it aside.

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