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We glued the wood strips (prefinished Australian cypress) directly to the concrete slab, because we weren’t worried about moisture coming from the Arizona dirt under the house. By contrast, to replace the peel-and-stick tile in Rick and Eve’s kitchen with acacia hardwood flooring, we steamed the old tiles off, unrolled some underlayment and stapled it down, laid down the flooring strips, whacked them with a compressed-air-powered flooring nail gun, and PRESTO! The bottom line is yes, laying hardwood flooring can be relatively easy, but unless done properly, you may encounter problems later on down the line.
Laminate is more durable than hardwood (although laminate can’t be refinished), hard woods are better than softer woods.
Some people swear by vinegar or black tea as cleaning solutions, but both can be damaging to the floor and might even void your floor’s warranty.
You’ve just built a new home or are renovating your existing one and you’re deciding whether to get carpets or hardwood for your bedroom. It is the most prestigious of the floor surfaces and can add a sense of luxury to your bedroom.
And in the red corner, we have the challenger to best floor surface in your bedroom – carpet. Carpet is soft and comfortable and stops heat escaping through the floor, thus helping to maintain the temperature in your home.
Emily Ford is an Australian DIY enthusiast with a passion for creating quaint living spaces with minimal effort.
Since many, if not most, home renovations are paid for through home equity loans or through refinancing homes, the home improvement industry took a big hit as home prices dropped. For more information about where you can get the biggest home improvement bang for your buck, here are some suggestions.
If you have to skimp somewhere, opt for less expensive flooring, like laminates, bamboo or cork. In general, buyers look for new flooring – preferably wood, an updated kitchen with new appliances and updated bathrooms.
Many people choose to go for a more conservative look and add a beautiful patterned rug, which can easily be changed with the mood. Regardless of how you are leaning, a specialist at Amber Flooring can help you choose the perfect floor for your home.
If you do choose to use an engineered floor or a laminate, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a plumber, just to ensure there are no current or potential leaks.
Naturally, if you are making home improvements for tax benefits, consult with your tax professional, but if you expect to have at least $250,000 in equity in your home ($500,000 if you file jointly), it’s a good idea to start hedging against a big capital improvement tax bill if you do decide to sell. The main living area is all new with gorgeous white oak flooring, which was custom-colored with Rubio Monocoat 0 VOC Penetrating oil finish, which is environmentally green. The problem with both laminate and engineered floor, is that there is little to nothing to work with in case of scratches or deep stains.
The floors had a fair amount of tar paper on them that even the vinegar treatment didn’t get off.
The floors certainly will not be pristine but I love the story that the wear and tear tells. There are so many horror stories of rookies ruining old wood floors with the old belt style sanders that I opted for the new random orbital floor sander. K and I knew we didn’t want to polyurethane the floors since they had never had a coat of plastic on them.
When I moved on to do the floor in the bath room, I started in again with Baby’s First Floor Sander. As you can see, there are still some places I need to address with a smaller (hand held) belt sander but that floor sander really took the boards back down to level.
Coincidentally, the post was about things being too easy – and in this case, it was about installing hardwood flooring, a task which most will agree, is typically best done by professionals.

Don’t bring the hardwoods into the space until the heating or air has been running for at least 5 days, and wait 7-10 days before actually installing them.
You dream that you can maintain the floor’s pristine look, long after the installers are gone. If you know that your family is hard on floors, an already distressed or hand scraped floor won’t show the wear and tear as easily and it will give your home a stylish, rustic look. You can expect to pay more for it however, but the long term benefit of this purchase is that it will outlast carpet and add resell value to your home. Yes, hardwood does last longer, but for those unable to afford the investment upfront, this is more of a viable solution. Based in Perth she writes for numerous publications on Flooring, DIY, Interior Design and Property Investment. Ask for the appraised value of your home as-is and for the appraised value with planned renovations.
Pattern – Parquet, or patterned, wood floors can be spectacular, but they tend to suit very individual tastes.
The two best woods for humidity are cork and bamboo, both particularly resilient and durable, even under high humidity.
Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, new kitchen and bathroom fixtures and hardwood floors are some of the easiest and most cost effective ways of increasing your home’s value while potentially decreasing your tax liability once you do sell. However, a Berkeley home, which was remodeled in 2012 and was a collaborative effort between Amber Flooring and Mueller Nicholls, has garnered such attention that its beauty is even the talk of the East Coast.
The existing flooring, including the bedrooms, media room and stairs, was sanded and finished.
Everyone, and I mean pretty much everyone, wants big master suites, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. The same flooring throughout, especially if the panels are laid lengthwise, gives the home greater flow and can even make it feel larger. Real hardwood, while less water resistant and less damage resistant than the other two types of floors, is easy to sand and to remove damage from. Unlike the varnish debacle in the music room, this time the oil went down nicely and the results look great. K and I talked today about waxing this floor since it will be a bathroom and we are both a bit curious about what the wax and oil combination will look like.
Even the old powder post beetle trails which have been buried for decades are part of the story of the house to me. These are nice for Harry Homeowners because they don’t remove as much wood and therefore it is harder to screw up your floor.
No glue, no cleanup, no horrendous mess, almost no nothing except a beautiful hardwood floor. While life does get in the way of perfectly shiny and clean floors, there are definitely ways to keep your floors looking their best, even years later. The life of carpet can be extended if properly cared for and steam cleaned at least once a year. Amber Flooring is extremely busy, but we are fully staffed and we and our vendors are working overtime to meet customer needs. Carpet can save you money, but carpet is not particularly popular with buyers, especially on the main floor of the home.
Hardwood tends to be better for resale value as well, so if you plan on selling your home within the next five years, that’s definitely something to consider. A parquet in the foyer with standard plank floors throughout the rest of the home, could give you your touch of individuality without being too busy. Unfortunately, the floors often stop at the bathrooms and even the kitchens, for fear the wood will be damaged by dampness and spills.

All hard woods, like oak, maple, cherry, ash and teak, can be finished in a way that it will last in kitchens and even in bathrooms. Others, like hardwood flooring, might not earn you a same-year deduction, but it will make your home more enjoyable while you are living there and come time to sell, your flooring could perform double duty by increasing the sale price and lowering your ultimate tax bill.
In other words, if you sell your home for $300,000 in profit, and you file single, you could owe between $7,500 and $10,000 to the IRS.
Some people are happy with laminate flooring to provide the look of hardwood floors, but the vast majority want the real thing. Hardwood flooring, like laminate and engineered flooring can also be installed using the floating tongue and groove style and the investment is definitely worth it for your home’s resale value. This picture doesn’t really capture it because I took it while the oil was still wet.
I never got past the 24 grit today so the floors are still very rough but I think tomorrow will go much quicker now that the heavy lifting has been done.
Because the room is small, I just quickly put the tung oil on a rag and gave the floor a light coating. I wrote about the 2006 Tour de Pants and what that meant for those of us rebuilding after the devastation of the Federal Flood. And, of course, we had to clean the glue off our tools and ourselves every night when we were done for the day. Secondly, if you suffer from buttery fingers and drop things often, hardwood might not be the best as you could leave dents on the floor. If you do sell your home in the future, a hardwood floor can easily be refinished and while engineered floors, laminate floors and carpet aren’t as flexible, they are relatively easy to replace. No wood finish is truly waterproof, which might not be such an issue for kitchens, but if you aren’t careful, it can be a nightmare in the bathroom.
Like all woods, though, and frankly, all floors, you always want to be diligent about cleaning up spills and even the puddles from when you get out of the shower. If you paint your home, repair your roof or water heater, it will likely be considered a repair and you might be able to write it off for the same tax year.
You might want to ask your real estate broker, but a new floor might end up saving a lot of money. I won’t kid you, there is much greater potential to screw up your floors with the belt sander. Thirdly, you will need to take your shoes off (especially high heels) before you go into the bedroom as they will scuff the floor.
However, if you add to the value of the home with added rooms, a remodeled kitchen or bath, fencing, a deck, a security system, central air or you got it, flooring, it is considered an improvement to the home and you may be able to claim it against your capital gains. But then again, if you need to do a serious rough cut and remove some wood to get back to a level finish, this is the tool you need. And because this floor was in rough shape I really needed a belt sander to do the initial rough cut and get me to the point where I could work on the finish. If you don’t want the floors to be the main focal point, but you still want them to be notices, perhaps you want a floor that compliments, rather than detracts, from your decor. For waterborne finishes if you are used to rolling, you might need to use a different applicator to get an even finish application.One good choice for these floors is tung oil. I'll be writing more about tung oil in my next post.Feel free to ask me any questions or suggest any of your favorite techniques.

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