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24 Feb. 1992

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The Kasls have been eagerly looking forward to their new tiny house since June, when representatives of the FYI show “Tiny House Nation” notified them that their application had been selected for an upcoming episode.
Having been chosen for the show meant that the Kasls had to be willing to trust “Tiny House Nation” to design and build a tiny house that would work for their family as well as find a way to pare down their belongings to fit into the much smaller space. The Kasls will locate their tiny house at a campground a few miles from their “big house” in Shakopee, which is going up for sale. The Kasls are currently transitioning between their big house and tiny house as they work on cleaning out the big house and getting it ready to sell. Like others who are joining the tiny house movement, Ryan and Kim chose this path to help them achieve their financial goals and live out their values. The trailer wheels on the bottom of tiny houses must be getting some decent traction in the American consciousness.
The most notable thing about the show is its treatment of tiny living as a valid way of life.
Their tiny house was beautiful and well done, but honestly, as a budding minimalist, I don’t think I could see more than one person living in a space that small. Are there any advantages to custom building a travel trailer, which is what these small houses on wheels are, over just buying a 5th wheel travel trailer.
More and more Americans are building tiny houses, drawn to the prospect of financial freedom and a smaller ecological footprint.

But building smaller doesn't necessarily mean easier, as tiny houses generally use the same materials and building conventions as traditional houses. In the years since Williams finished her house, a wealth of tiny house resources has sprung up. This much was clear at the Tiny House Conference, where attendees and panellists swapped business cards and plugged their blogs throughout the weekend.
For many tiny house owners, their home offers more than simply shelter - it represents a milestone in personal development.
10 to watch the latest episode of “Tiny House Nation,” in which the Kasls and their two children finally got to see and explore their new 207-square-foot home. Kim said Sully and Story love going to the tiny house and giving their friends tours of their sleeping loft.
I got the impression that this was a means to an end and that when Jeff had qualified, they’d be looking at their housing options again.
Gianna Palmer reports on the growing movement from Charlotte, North Carolina.When Sicily Kolbeck first told people she was planning to build her own house, they often assumed she meant a doll house. Many of the offerings are digital: e-books, blueprints and construction guides are available online, and there are scores of tiny house blogs.
10 episode is when “Tiny House Nation” host John Weisbarth sits down with 6-year-old Sully and 4-year-old Story to help them decide which toys to keep and which to donate.

YouTube - which didn't exist when Williams was building her house - has thousands of tiny-house instructional videos offering guidance on everything from installing electrical wiring to cutting rafter patterns.
Dan Louche, 38, another panellist, works full-time as the co-owner of Tiny Home Builders, a company that sells tiny house blueprints, trailers and, occasionally, completed houses. Aunt and uncle Julie and Ron Johnson, of Braham, cut down part of a tree and took down fences to create a temporary location on their property for the tiny house. Sicily didn't have any construction expertise when she read about these scaled-down houses online and was inspired to build her own."I would make forts, but those were made of blankets," she says. The A&E television network has announced it will begin airing a reality television show, Tiny House Nation, in July. But they both agreed they weren't going to abandon the house."She came back gangbusters," Kolbeck says of Sicily. As the movement grows, so too does the number of people seeking to make money from their tiny house experience.

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