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23 Sep. 2010

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We listen to a lot of music in my family, there are a vast array of speakers and stereos and mp3 players in this house.
Now that I had some crossover values assigned I started putting parts in my cart at Parts Express. I was just about ready to cut wood at this point, so I drew up a cut sheet and got started. This project is a simple set of speaker stands that can be built very easily and at low cost. Regardless of the materials used, you should be able to make these speaker stands for under $20 a pair which is a great value. Get these plans for free!Building a set of DIY speaker stands is a great way to save money and increase the performance of your home speaker system. Whether on the go, in the car, or relaxing at home, there’s always a song playing somewhere.
I drew up some initial plans and started tweaking the cabinet volume and shape until I came up with something I really liked.
I love the Designer Series drivers from PE because they provide FR and ZMA data for easy import into crossover designing tools such as Passive Crossover Designer. After months of design and indecision we settled on a concept that we both felt would best suit the home theater and provide a rocking movie-going experience. This is your digital audio speakers and passive speakers blue prints source;Enjoy the Best Speakers for less cash - Build your own HiFi system and get both live music sounds and low price. Whether you want small speaker stands or hardwood speaker stands these DIY speaker stands plan sets will work great. As my oldest daughter’s birthday was approaching, I decided I wanted to build her a small pair of bookshelf speakers for her room.
I used Unibox to model the speaker response and ended up going with the Standard Design model which yields an f3 of 59 Hz in a 5.4L cabinet tuned to 56 Hz with no hump or dip in the response.
Since the crossover design at this point was just a model, I do like to buy multiple different values of capacitors and resistors so I can tweak things in a listening environment.
It isn’t until the base molding and side facing and cove molding is added that it starts to actually look kinda nice.
So they are a super easy project but were a lot of fun to design and build and they sound absolutely fantastic.
You close your eyes and listen and you can’t really tell where the speakers are located.
Though honestly I don’t imagine anyone trying to duplicate this design exactly, for us this was a pretty custom solution that met a specific need for us. Just about everything was bought from my all-time favorite place on the planet – Parts Express.

A picture of a plot in a .pdf file is hardly enough for doing any kind of real crossover design. These cuts were a breeze on my table saw and were designed this way so as to allow the table saw to be set to each dimension only once and every cut made so that every cut that is dependent on a flush fit when assembled is exactly the same size, even if the saw isn’t cutting each piece at exactly the width it should.
I like the fact that I could tailor the sound a little knowing what type of music will be played on these speakers. Notice that these speakers do not have baffle step compensation as is evidenced in the plots below.
Retail speaker companies are focused on profits and stock prices, there's little room for both high quality and high value. I decided not to incorporate it since these speakers will almost always be backed against a wall in a very small space, I didn’t want the bass and lower-midrange region to be too aggressive. All you need are the right plans and blue prints to show you exactly how to build a better speaker. We can even recommend speaker drivers to be used with these speaker cabinet plans (although you may choose your own speaker drivers too). With a table saw, every cut comes out near perfect anyway but even if they didn’t, this design allows for a little slop in each cut while still providing a perfectly flush fit. I know there are lots of different ways to get bass into a room but this one was simple, elegant, affordable, tune-able and in the end matched extremely well with the rest of the speakers in the system.
A small change in placement of the speakers can result in dramatic differences to the sound.
A speaker stand may not have as serious a change as say the 'speaker position in the room'- but speaker stands CAN influence the overall sound quality. The slight dip near the crossover freq is mainly due to the close proximity of the microphone in between the drivers which actually shows up in the PCD model as you move the listening position closer to the speaker. Even without BSC, the speakers sound fantastic in-room, but if I were to implement it, I wouldn’t do more than 3 dB and I would shoot for a corner of about 655 Hz. So with the basic exterior dimensions settled on, I started to design out the rest of the unit.
The landing page for these plans will be sent to your email box shortly.To learn more about these specific plans read the rest of this page. These speakers not only fill my den with crystal clear sound, but radiate great sound throughout the house. Coupling the stand to the floor with carpet spikes that pierce through the carpet and into the wood or concrete will minimize this rocking even further. Learn to build a home theater and speaker system - do it DIY!You CAN build your own reference digital audio speakers. The speaker stand bass size is also a factor as a larger bass will decrease the leverage that the rocking can move the stand from front to back.Mounting the speaker directly to the stand will also improve the leverage ratio by forcing the speaker and stand to act as a single unit.

Coupling the floor speaker stands to the speaker will also transfer resonance from the speaker cabinet to the stand and then into the floor. This is good for the best home speaker stands using monitor speakers or bookshelf speakers.Coupling can be achieved in a variety of ways. Using blu tac between the stand and the speaker will make a couple but it does also create a soft resonance point. More optimal is a hard interface between the two; such as using cones between the speaker and stand and also between the DIY speaker stands and the floor.
You can also screw the speaker directly to the speaker stand as well (although depending on the speaker you may or may not want to use this method).
The quality and look of your Mini-Cube speaker were a perfect fit. Once I reviewed the ratings and tests I knew they would be perfect. Sound stage width, height, and depth -can also be affected by how you build speaker stands and how they interact with your speakers.
Whether real wood sounds better or not is a debate I don’t intend to make an argument for.The worst offenders are small speaker stands. These don’t couple well to the floor and give an inadequate platform to couple your speakers against. There just isn’t enough real estate to make a solid platform unless you have very small satellite speakers.
Speakers are a type of musical instrument and will benefit from your best efforts to wring every last bit of performance from them. The more accurate your transducers (speakers) can play; the more you will enjoy them in the long run.
This speaker is very coherent and musical and offers a relaxing presentation of sound while still being accurate. A variety of full range speaker drivers could be used with this speaker plan.We recommend the CSS FR125sr or the Tang band W4-1337SA. This is a full range, sealed, 3 way dynamic speaker drivers digital audio speakers system.These can be used with any active or digital speaker crossover system.
These are great digital audio speakers for home theater or stereo.*These can be used with any active speaker crossover system for digital audio speakers output.

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