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15 Apr. 1980

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To do this, we simply installed a 4 foot gate across the entry way, and build a wooden rail across the remainder of the opening with space between the rails large enough for our birds to come in and out but not the sheep. We lined the bathtub with thick plastic, then a layer of cardboard, and topped it with shavings.
Once your chicks hatch, you need a draft free place of consistent temperature to keep them for at least two weeks.
We knew we wanted to switch to pasture raised poultry, and went about devising a way to do so in a manner that would compliment our other plans. Placing them up on the roosts well before the adult hens and rooster came in for the night. He came up one short, and during our search for the missing bird we found her floating in the top of the sheep stock tank.

This coop was located not far from the house and was surrounded by a small chicken yard made of wood posts and chicken wire. This spring Andrew completed the first stage of our land improvements by fencing 2 acres in field fence and building a small barn. Since we were not planning on living there long and my parents already had chickens in their barn, we did not need to build a permanent chicken enclosure.
Inside this barn, was one large stall for sheep and another smaller stall for our chickens. The dilemma here is they must share this field, the sheep obviously can not drink out of a chicken waterer. Turning is very important, as failure to do so will make the yolk stick to the side of the shell and result in dead or crippled chicks.

Luckily, Andrew had some extra thick plastic laying around, and our “chick totes’ were clean and in the shed.
The temperature inside the closed shed, under the heat lamp, in their cardboard box read 108 on the thermometer. By adding tarps to the top, an empty igloo dog house on “stilts” made of concrete blocks, a ladder for them to climb into it, and a few well placed boards running along the top to support the hanging feeder and waterer, we were ready to go!
But trust me, it is worth the extra expense if you plan on raising more than just an occasional run of birds!

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