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Free pinewood derby template patterns are good but they don't tell you how to make the car! Our pinewood derby car design plans show each cut in your car block with a clear, illustrated 3-Dimension (3D) image so you can see your car car take shape with each step. Each car design plan includes cut-out templates (car patterns or blueprints), weight placement, speed hints, building tips, problems to avoid and direct links to supplies and speed products to help you save time and make your car fast so it is competitive.
Within each plan you will find links to show your car spinning 360 degrees so you can view it from all angles. Select a car, checkout, then click the DOWNLOAD link in your receipt and it will appear on your screen!
The Humvee car is designed to throw fear into the competition with it's sturdy look and camauflage paint job, but don't be afraid, this is an easy car to build! If you like hot flames and the Indy style race car with open wheel struts, this car is for you. Add Spider Stickers with webs, eyes and stylized Black Widow Spider words for the sides of your car. Full pinewood derby design plan with six different painting schemes, cut out template, painting and finishing tips, etc. Write your own victory certificate with the tip of your Pencil car, while erasing the competition with the rear end as you wiz by.
Put a clear Gloss Paint Sealer on your car to protect your cool paint job from dirt and graphite smudges. Keirsten's car won first place in her troop and grand champion out of all the other troops that participated.
You people offer the very finest support and equipment for Pinewood derby cars on the planet!

I just read your Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets book and I can not wait to apply the information. I can't even put into words how excited, proud and happy my daughter was each time her car won. My son--a first time Pinewood Derby participant--won his Den, Pack, and District championships thanks to Pinewood Pro! If this is your first time building a pinewood derby car, I suggest starting out with a simple design requiring only a few cuts of the block.
If you were given a pinewood derby kit then you can start with the first step on this page.
You can make the wheels faster by sanding the tread area to remove high marks and other imperfections and by removing the step from the outer hub (removing the hub step may be illegal in some pinewood derby races). An easy design is to cut your car in a wedge shape then add our plastic parts to create your car. After your block is cut, you can further shape it and round the corners by using a wood rasp. Nyoil stays on your axles throughout the race, unlike powdered graphite that blows off every time your car goes down the track. When the bit is fully inserted into the wood, use a rectangular motion to cut the first layer of the cavity out.
The painting schemes will show, for example, a more military-style for the Army Humvee, Tank or Truck, and more like a race car for our Grand Prix, Firebird, Spitfire, or more bling colors for girl's cars like the Sally, Guitar or Nike Sneaker cars. Full step by step instructions with template patterns help anyone to make a pinewood derby bat car.
Full pinewood derby design plan with six different painting schemes, cut out template patterns, finishing tips and speed tips.

Full pinewood derby design plan with six different painting schemes (including the smelly cheese look), cut out template blueprint patterns, finishing tips, weight plancement and speed tips. Out of 116 cars in our AWANA Grand Prix, my boys came in first in their divisions and 1st and 3rd overall. We followed your Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets and his car smoked other the cars by 4-5 car lengths each race. This year I have an 8 year old son, a ten year old son, and my 12 year old daughter's young women group is also doing the pinewood derby. Designed to fit the official pinewood derby wheel, they have an adhesive backing and do not interfere with the movement of the wheel. If you use a metallic paint, a clear coat makes a huge difference in the way the car looks.
Full pinewood derby plan with six different painting schemes, cut out template, finishing tips, weight placement and speed tips. If either slot isn't perpendicular with the edge of the block, your car won't roll straight. You should also replace the block if there are any cracks that won't be removed when you shape your car. Then apply the graphite to the car body by grinding the eraser into the area around each axle slot as show above.

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