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29 Sep. 1998

Repairing wood furniture dents,free workbench plans with pegboard,woodcraft design software - Within Minutes

After moving some furniture, I inevitably damaged some of it by dropping a heavy tool on it. I'm going to show you the technique I used to fix it and remove the dent without using wood filler. It might be ok but when I was taught to do this, the wood did expand and take out the dent, but it over-expanded (too much water), swelling above the level of the surface slightly so it had to be sanded back smooth. Welcome to Artistry Furniture Repair, where our goal is to help you enjoy your fine wood furniture by repairing and eliminating unsightly scratches, dents, chips, watermarks & other blemishes.
Dwayne Coss has over 30 years experience in the furniture industry, including servicing premier brands such as Ethan Allen and Thomasville. This kind of superficial damage can be fixed quickly and easily without harming your furniture or your wallet. Shown: To conceal the many small scratches marring this tabletop, finish repair expert Michael Dresdner simply rubs on a coat of scratch cover, a pigmented furniture polish.
Many years ago a teacher told me that you could steam out a dent in a piece of wood (one where the wood fibers had been compressed, not a where they had been removed) using a wet rag and an iron. This technique was meant for unfinished wood, but unfortunately, most of the wood we deal with in our homes has some sort of finish on it.

Although the dent came up, the surface of the finish had been broken and some dirt had gotten in side the cracks. 5.As far as teak furniture goes, it really depends on the number of times that a teak oil finish has been applied to it. You'll find the few materials you'll need, such as denatured alcohol, wax sticks, and touch-up markers, in the paint and finishes aisle at most home-improvement stores. Applied with a clean rag, just like regular furniture polish, a single dose is enough to make most damage disappear. Although this technique works better on new dents I decided to try to steam out a dent that had been there for quite a long time. Leave the hot wax stick repairs (as seen in one video) to the professional restorers, unless it’s a piece of furniture that you want to practice on. Most of the techniques involve putting water on the dent and yes, this works – in some cases. To be safe, you must test the finish that is on your furniture – especially antique furniture.
If you plan to paint the piece of furniture go ahead and fill the indentation with wood putty, but don’t use this technique for stained finishes unless you use the powdered filler that can be mixed with stain that matches your furniture.

Another alternative is to remove the finish altogether and try the bare wood with water and heat technique. Think of wood as a bunch of hollow wooden straws of different lengths placed parallel to each other. Sanding will remove any patina that may have built up on its surface so you may have to stain the top to match the rest of the furniture.
And then there are all the little scratches, dents, and divots that mysteriously appear on wood surfaces. Before tackling any repairs, clean the furniture thoroughly with a solution of dishwashing liquid or Murphy Oil Soap and water to remove all wax, grease, oil, or polish.
If the furniture is valuable to you – monetarily or sentimentally, then get a professional to do it. If your furniture has a urethane finish, which is essentially a coating of plastic, it is possible that you will have to learn to like doilies to hide the mark.

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