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19 Apr. 2003

Query plan table spool,build endurance running,how to build wooden chairs lawn - Review

So perhaps SQL Server's use of the term spooling has nothing to do with sewing, but is analogous to the old intermediate-disk-file approach to printing. I figured it was worth covering some of what spools are about, and hopefully explain why they are remarkably necessary, and generally very useful. This structure is typically either a Table (ie, a heap (Edit: Ok, it's not actually stored as a heap, but it may as well be, because it always scans)), or an Index (ie, a b-tree).
If no data is actually needed from it, then it could also be a Row Count spool, which only stores the number of rows that the spool operator consumes.

The way that this has executed (be it ideal or not), is to ask that a Table Spool be populated.
The details about whether or not a Spool used as a source shows as a Table Spool or an Index Spool is more about whether a Seek predicate is used, rather than on the underlying structure. Data is being fed onto the spool, and getting pulled out a second time when the spool is used as a source. However, as rows get populated onto the spool, the Table Spool operator on the right can return rows when asked, ending up with more rows (potentially) getting back onto the spool, ready for the next round.

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