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07 Oct. 2000

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Type-III (not water resistant) PVA glue consists of as much as 50% water and cures as the water evaporates.
Type-I (waterproof) and type-II (water resistant) PVA glues, such as Titebond II and III, contain water, but also strands of polymers that become entangled and chemically bonded to perform better in exterior conditions. Polyurethane glues like Gorilla Glue and PL Turbo outperform PVA glues in several applications, such as bonding foam, stone, concrete, and ceramics.
One benefit of polyurethane glues is that because they are not water-based, they are not drawn into wood pores as drastically as PVA glue. Because polyurethane glues cure by a chemical reaction triggered by moisture, they work well on wood with high moisture content or on oily woods, where PVAs have a hard time bonding. It bonds well to wood and many other materials, including plastic, metal, fabric, and others.

Hide glue is made from rendered animal collagen and is one of the oldest known forms of adhesive.
Shown above are a variety of spatulas and brushes that aid in the application and spreading of glue. All three types of glue should have a place in your toolbox, but understanding the properties and strengths of each type will help you to make the best choice for the job at hand.
Glued surfaces must be clamped together until they reach 15% to 20% of their bond strength, generally in about an hour.
These adhesives demand the same clamp time as type-III PVA glue, but generally have a longer open time and bond at colder temperatures. For this reason, wood joints glued up with polyurethane accept stains and clear finishes better than with other types of glue.

If you are building your opus or your next family heirloom, I suggest giving hide glue a try. His background in Computer Science and Preservation Carpentry create the perfect combination teaching woodworking using technology.

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