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05 Dec. 2010

Plans to build cnc 3 axis router table,how does woodworm treatment work,diy shed cost,woodworking shop for sale massachusetts - Plans Download

This Instructable is the first in a series documenting the construction of a DIY 3 axis CNC router. On the X axis carriage I widened the bearing mount rods and eliminated the threaded rods in favor of a shaft and spacer bushing.
I have plans for an MDF version available but have not decided if I should make plans for the aluminum available. This is also my entry for the Universal Laser Cutter Contest.The goal of this Instructable is not to show a full step by step progression but rather to pass along my experiences with making my own CNC. I am constantly modifying my 3 axis CNC Router table to add new features and functionality. The major Z axis change from the first version is to do away with the lead screw in favor of a Rack & Pinion system.

This step shows the progression of the Z axis - this was the most complex and time consuming assembly to manufacture. I have slowly been tweaking the machines construction for the last 4 years to the point that it is now a distant cousin to the original 3 Axis CNC Router with MDF carriages and Lead screws. I spent a good deal of time on that modification (The Warp Drive Project) and even made plans available.
I designed this machine for the sculpture department to primarily cut soft material (foam, wax, some plastic and wood). I have yet to see any flexing on the machine we built at the college (which uses the same 8020 mounting scheme. There is a smooth surface for the CNCRP drives to rotate on and a threaded stud for the lock nut.

Besides that, I got a great deal of pleasure from experimenting and building things in a new way. I choose these plans a jumping off point - extracting what I needed and adding to the design to fit my needs.
I really like the dual lead screw design - it has given us a lot of flexibility to have a movable table underneath the machine. Linear motion control, next to the drive train, is often the most expensive system on a CNC device and the Solsylva plans present a simple yet elegant solution to cutting the cost of linear movement buy using roller skate bearings, angle iron, and EMT conduit.

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