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21 Sep. 2003

Plans for cocktail arcade cabinet,diy wood burning kiln,german wood carving patterns,storage shed plans free 8x12 - Reviews

After the rails were mounted to the back panel, we did a final test fit of the monitor before securing it into place. I really like this pic, a beauty shot of the cocktail table running Pac-Man and my GameMan sitting proudly behind it. I took a whole bunch of pictures of the U3100 but for the life of me, I can't figure out where I saved them, so I'll just have to post those later. For the stain itself, I chose an oil-based Minwax stain, I got a color called Dark Walnut, as I wanted a dark rich color for the table.
I should also mention that I cut out the holes for the speakers, vents, and power connector last week.
Looking in from the top, you can see the holes for the speaker and vent on the Player 1 side, the vent hole and wire passthru on the buttom, and up in the upper-right corner, the small hole for the power connector.
Additionally, Cami, Ben, Bryan, and I have been busy playing on the test panel that we built. Well, now a month or so later, things have changed, they now offer an option for a third controller, and I have to say, it's probably the best third controller design I've seen so far. The total cost of the materials for the shell, buttons, joysticks, and I-PAC4 was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.
If you’ve been thinking about building an arcade cabinet for a long time, my advice is to start building.
I don’t know if I should be allowed to call this thing an arcade cabinet anymore, but I am very happy with the results! This whole project originally started because I was in need of some sort of table for my office. This ended up meeting both of my needs and it even gave me a place to hide my home file server.
What started early this morning as a big pile of wood pieces, arcade parts, and computer components is now an honest to goodness cocktail arcade table.
We've had some delays in getting the sheet metal drawings completed, but we are planning to begin work on the sheet metal by mid next week.

Last night, the table finally moved past the 'it's looking like a cocktail table' stage as it finally became a real honest-to-goodness ARCADE COCKTAIL TABLE.
Then I need to focus some time on cleaning up all the wiring on the inside of the cabinet to make everything neat and tidy. The only thing that was really wrong was that they forgot to throw in the power cord as they said they would.
I called WG middle of last week, ready to order the 19" U3100, fully ready to pay the $350 for the screen. The trick is, in order to cut the holes, I gotta figure out where the computer components will go inside the cabinet - and I can't nail down the location for the computer components yet because I don't know yet how I am going to mount the monitor - and of course, I can't figure out how I'm going to mount the monitor until I have it in my hands, which I don't.
They have been working like madmen over there for the last few days and have even sent me pics of the table in progress. There's so many games, that even after playing it for the last two weeks straight that we are still discovering cool games that we've never heard of before.
All the hard work, all the money invested, it all paid off when I flipped the power switch on and started up Pac-Man for the first time. Unfortunately my 'refurbished' U3100 had some strange modifications to it, namely, some of the bottom mounting bracket had been literally cut away, making for an uneven bottom surface.
I also painted the table top, and the small pieces that form the undersides of the controllers black.
I mean, it's not as great as a computer monitor, but it is WAY better then my big 27" Sony Wega television that I had connected to my cocktail computer via an s-video connection. There's still a ton to do, but for now, I'm just happy to bask in it's glory as it sits proudly in the middle of my living room.
Fortunately they had the exact connector I needed, so I was able to quickly assemble a working power cable. Anyway, I didn't want to order the monitor online, because as I had learned in my prior phone calls to WG, you had to specially order your monitor to adjusted for a cocktail table orientation. Well, I really want to get the WG U3100 arcade vga monitor - but it's $350, and I just can't plop down the cash for it at the moment.

The plans were a good base to start with, but we found several problems and are making many structual improvements to the cabinet.
As always though, Scott at ArcadeDepot has been extremely helpful in giving me tips and advice for staining process. I had originally contacted them for some quotes on fabricating sheet metal panels for my extra long third controller, but at the time they were unable to do so. I've sent them my custom design for the panels, and will be placing my order by the end of the day. When I visited their site, I was impressed by their cocktail table kits - they looked good, and were actually pretty cheap. Right now, I'm doing the control panel sides, and the small plates that fit above the control panels (although I will probably be replacing those with plexiglass later on, they were good for some extra practice).
But alas, they were for only a two controller design, and it wasn't feasable to modify it for my current design.
Earlier last week, I placed orders for several of the more expensive parts for the cabinet. Today, I'll be finishing up the other side of the pieces you see, and starting work on the larger pieces of the cabinet.
On top of that, he threw in a power cord (listed at almost $13.00 each on the website) for free. Hopefully by tomorrow, we will have the drawings completed for the sheet metal controller panels and will be ready to send out quotes to the sheet metal houses.

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