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29 Aug. 2011

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These are less common than metal statues, but there are also ones that are sculpted out of clay or similar items.
No matter how to choose to customize your mailbox, make sure you choose something you’re good at.
Some really cool and unusual mailbox designs — all of them made with recycled and repurposed items!
Regardless of whether you call them mailboxes or letterboxes, post-collecting containers are usually pretty boring little things with just one feature: an opening of some description for putting mail inside.
If you’re still expecting a lot of bulky mail even in the electronic age, a mailbox made out of a barrel may not be a bad idea. This cool orange crab mailbox was created from old auto parts and fittingly is the mailbox of an auto parts and recycling service in Hammonton, NJ. Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Foster creates (among many other things) mailboxes made out of old license plates.
Along similar lines, Rhode Island-based designer Boris Bally handpicks the street signs that he uses for his line of sturdy mailboxes.

After the Bruggemeier family discovered that their son’s old leather schoolbag was not weather resistant, they recreated it in metal and turned it into a weatherproof mailbox.
At first glance, an old espresso machine would not necessarily come to mind when thinking about what to use as a mailbox.
It really wasn’t easy to compile a best-of list here; we wouldn’t mind having any of these cool recycled mailboxes at the office. With the amount of effort you have to put forth, I recommend you try a wooden mail box unless you’re familiar with metal work.
For instance, sculptures can make mailboxes that are made in the image of a dolphin if they live in Florida. We’ve found 12 objects that were recycled beautifully into mailboxes, almost letting you forget their original purpose. In this case, a massive vase shaped as a tea caddy was repurposed as a public mailbox in Uji, Kyoto. The holes, the metal tray and the slit — and the way they all form some kind of robotic face — are a winner.

The idea actually doesn't seem as uncommon as one might think: We found another petrol pump mailbox, also worthy of the #1 slot, pictured top, which can be found in Australia, somewhere near Burrangong, New South Wales. However, if you’re dead set on a sheet metal mailbox, just follow these simple instructions. For instance, if your mailbox is designed like a lighthouse, the flag can be a lit light bulb.
This marvel of mailbox design can also be found — you guessed it — on Atley Road in Arthur's Point, New Zealand. You may not be able to reach the spot welder all the way to the center of the mailbox depending on the type of machine you have.

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