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Multi-Purpose Pliers – This includes wire strippers, channel locks, needle nose and slip joint pliers. Open-Ended Wrenches – These are what most people just call a regular old wrench, although there are specialty wrenches with different heads and with closed ends for bolt removal.
Screwdrivers – Both the Philips (the +) and the flat heads should be in your basic tool box. Socket Wrench – This tool has a funny looking head and uses sockets to remove stubborn bolts by applying torque to the bolt to unscrew it. Sockets – These are used with a socket wrench and are often sold as set by themselves with just a socket wrench. First, you want quality, so it’s a good idea to choose Sunex tools or other quality brand of tools of your preference to make sure you get what you pay for. For things like hand tools, you want the best for your money because you will use them all the time. Finally, the last and most important thing you will need to complete your basic tool set is a toolbox.

C- Definitely a good iron for those of you sporting a heavy side part and wanting to pair it with soft, messy, big curls. A- Curl with this, leave out the ends and add a water-based pomade at the root for perfect messy waves. D- Set the hair the same as in photo B but then smooth your hair over to one side and secure using your favorite floral accessory. B- Again, if you have the time, you can curl your entire head with this iron and get this gorgeous curl. D- If you have kinky curls and want to loosen some pieces up a little, this is a great iron for that! If you are a mechanic, you know you relationship with your tools is important, and sometimes, even personal.
For example, if you are going to modify the tool you are using, or if you will only use it every once in a while, then it is ok to save money. Never skimp on buying precision tools, as cheap craftsman’s ship in this area can be a future disaster.

This curling iron is best for those with long hair who want to make it look like they had a blowout.
Seems like the curls will come out much smaller but they actually widen up as you keep brushing. You have to be comfortable with the tools that you own, and you really need a basic set that you will use frequently. Use large duck bill clips to hold the wave pattern in place and make it even more dramatic.
The up-side is that they don’t fall out very fast because they were tighter to begin with. Many things fall into this category, but need to be expanded on to make you understand what the top tools for mechanics are.

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