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06 Apr. 1977

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In presenting this material, I want to first acknowledge my respect for the world’s established and ancient traditions of joinery. I may abuse some terms, without meaning to, and I am glad to be corrected by those who are in the know about traditional joinery. On average, this method offers the best compromise, IMHO: The flat areas between the divots seat against each other firmly and the divots themselves are concealed inside the joint. To simplify presentation, the joints below are presented with ideal “laser cut” inside corners.

This trick can be very handy in complex structures, particularly for kit parts, to keep end users from putting the joint together backwards. Sebastien is using pins, I believe, running longways through both sets of fingers, along the axis of each joint, which requires an out-of-plane drilling operation that is technically disallowed under our rules. The joint above, for instance, can be assembled in two different ways (four if approaches from below are allowed).
Now the joint can still be assembled incorrectly, but the disfavored orientations are more obviously wrong, because the part edges no longer align.

You can cut each slot a bit deeper, of course, and in some applications this may be OK, but doing so leaves a void in the center of the joint and concentrates stress on the radiused corners. The rules to the game, again, are simple: all-the-way-through cuts, 90 degrees to the surface of the stock, only one or two cut parts involved.

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