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11 Jan. 1986

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By 2014, indoor boilers and furnaces are expected to be regulated by the EPA, which will ensure that particulate levels are within set limits. Indoor wood and pellet boilers and furnaces are widespread in Europe and are beginning to gain traction in the United States as a replacement for fossil fuel furnaces. I am having trouble deciding what will be the best bang for the buck as far as an outdoor wood boiler vs a wood gasification stove. Folks near me that have a regular OWB (now banned in NY for a new install) are those that have lots of time to gather wood in the winter for free (farmers who clear hedgerows, fallen trees in woodlots, etc.) or those that buy a log truck load and cut it up to toss it in.
7.) ease of installation More time for an indoor gasser, but savings in effiency, for me, outweighs that.
8.) longevity (how long do they last with typical maintenance) of OWB vs wood gassifier I expect 20 yrs, not sure of a OWB. I have an owb, and am now wishing I would of known what a gasifacation boiler was 7 years ago when I bought my central boiler.

Our second boiler (no picture) (non gasier) was a triple pass cast iron down drafter which burned 16 cords per year.
From my experience, storage has really allowed our gasifiction boiler to work at very high rate of efficiency. Most outdoor boilers gasification or not are unpressurized and adding storage is going to be awkward. I feel your money would be much better spent if you were to build a simple out building that could contain one of the above indoor boilers and plus two 500 gallon propane tanks for heat storage. But to each their own - and on that note, if I HAD to have a wood burner outside my house, I would put an indoor gassification boiler, in an insulated shed, big enough to hold it and my winters wood (maybe with some extra room for workshop or mancave space), and put storage tanks in my basement. There is a big discrepancy between your propane used and your projected wood use to obtain the same results!
From the BLM website (same numbers are on other sites) take number of gallons of LP used and divide by 220 to get cords of wood used.

In addition to the heating units, policies aimed at building the fuel delivery infrastructure for wood pellets will also be needed. In addition to the heating units, policies aimed at building the fuel delivery infrastructure for wood pellets will also be needed. I even thought about going the pellet route but I dropped 3k on a PSG Caddy a few years ago that requires cord wood. If a homeowner is willing to put in this maintenance time, wood furnaces can provide huge savings on home heating bills.

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