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William Howe, from Spencer, Massachusetts, patented his new truss design in 1840, and extended the patent in 1850 with design improvements. The relatively rare Howe truss, patented in 1840 by Massachusetts millwright William Howe, includes vertical members and diagonals that slope up towards the center, the opposite of the Pratt Truss. William Howe, from Spencer, Massachusetts, patented his new truss design in 1840, and extended the patent in 1850 with design improvements.
The objective of Bridge Building is to build a bridge which is very lightweight and capable of holding a designated weight. Getting started: Start by researching designs and plans for the most stable and lightweight bridge possible. The Howe Truss is similar to the Pratt Truss, except the slants face away from the center of the bridge.

Before building any bridge, it is critical to design the truss and calculate loads with a truss analysis program. The more bridges you build and break, the more you will learn, and thus the more improvement you can make. Bridges can be made out of any type of wood except those excluded in the rules, such as particleboard, plywood, bamboo, , etc. If you find that there is a joint that is constantly the fault of your bridge, you might want to change that piece to basswood. During testing, the bridge will be placed on the test base, so that it touches only within the bearing zone.
Structural efficiency is found by dividing the mass held by the bridge by the mass of the bridge itself.

In contrast to the Pratt Truss, the diagonal web members are in compression and the vertical web members are in tension. Draw it the exact size you want your bridge, place on cardboard or foam, and cover it with wax paper; you will need to use this to aid in construction. The difference with the Howe Truss is that the slants become compression members and the vertical members become tension members.

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