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After the glaze was added, brushed off and dry – (wait at least 24 hours) I sanded all the edges with medium grit sandpaper to age the surface. The new label holder drawer pulls add character and make the sideboard look more like a one-of-a-kind piece.
I just picked up a sideboard today at the local thrift shop and found your piece when I was looking for ideas. I use Calcium Carbonate Powder now to make all my chalk paint since it mixes in fine with all the paint formulas I have used and I have tried many.
Instead of using a hefty large piece of furniture for this demonstration, I decided to use this waste paper basket that my girl Kathy Epley snagged for me awhile back.
I wanted a dark brown glaze, so I used a mixture of black and brown latex paint that we had leftover. Now that you’ve got your glaze prepared, all you need is a paint brush or sponge brush, and some damp rags. Brush on a thin layer of glaze, making sure to get the glaze into all the cracks and crannies, nooks and crevices.
This really makes me happy because I just bought this exact trash can at Goodwill and was planning to remake it tomorrow almost exactly as you have. Most of antique furniture has designs like that, I remember our old cabinet it was also the same with the picture listed above.

I just repainted a mirror turquoise using flat latex paint and planned on glazing it with black glaze.
I love your website, it’s got such amazing and simple techniques that one can employ when on a budget!
When I use PoP, I make sure I am using standard run of the mill latex paint that has no primer in it. I liked the fact that the metallic glaze would miss the numbers and make the numbers stand out. As well,I like that you sprayed only as that doesn’t fill in all of the grain and details you will need for your glazing to be trapped in so to speak. This just gave an idea on how to give those boring old side cabinets we have at home a new look.
I would recommend doing one cabinet door that’s located in a not-so-visible part of your kitchen to see if you like it first. Since you used chalk paint, I would recommend using a damp cloth (instead of dry) to wipe your glaze away. I would say that the ratio of glaze and paint is approximately 1 part paint to 2 parts glaze. I don’t know if I am brave enough to try that myself, but yours look so good I might just have to try.

There’s little more satisfying in life than glazing a beautifully ornate piece of furniture.
I’ve only dabbled in color stain a little, and am very curious to see yours before you tackle it with brown stain! You won’t need more than a quart, unless you have an entire house full of furniture to glaze. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can glaze in any color!!!
I am going to paint backsplash per your tutorials, and will also add modern hardware, but I am not sure that will be enough. I’ve used white glaze before on this project, and totally look forward to trying out other colors!! I am thinking about adding some glaze into the crevices of each door and drawer, but am not sure how to do it without going too far… I am kinda scared of tackling the whole door, if you know what I mean!

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