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Location: Upstate, NY Building A Raft From Scrap Wood And Barrels Whats goin on, my names jesse hicks, i am 17 and I, along with my friends have decided to build a raft from spare peices of plywood, 2x4, 2x6, crate pallets, and plastic barrels as flotation. Location: Upstate, NY omg you have no idea how close this looks to ours now!
Location: Upstate, NY heres an image i found on google which kinda looks like our goal, the only difference is our way of flotation and propulsion, i think we may tow it, if not just mouring it. Location: North of Cuba Maybe you should hang the firebox over the water to protect the raft. Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Before you close all other doors, consider other floatation options - barrels are very slow and inefficient. Coming up with a good raft design first starts with thinking about what and how your home made raft will be used.
The frame or structure that creates the platform and holds the floatation together on most rafts is typically constructed from wood. Home made rafts that float on Styrofoam have been built and the results can depend greatly on the type of material that is used. The frame of a raft can be constructed from just about anything from wood to metal or even plastic.
Rafts that move in the river typically only need to be moved from one shore to the other so that obstacles can be avoided. Typically found on larger rafts sweeps are used to position at raft from left to right in a river and they are very efficient at doing so. Cameron O’Neil, left, and Elliott Lownsbery, both from West Salem, tow the beginnings of their home-made raft into position for further assembly.

After reading “Huckleberry Finn” the past school year, the longtime buddies decided to lash together logs and wooden pallets to make a raft, packed a tent and barbecue on board and towing a kayak, made a four-day August float on the Willamette River from Peoria to Wallace Marine Park in Salem.
The original plan had been to make a 100-plus-mile float from Peoria to just above Oregon City, but the going wasn’t all that swift. The reason for the fatigue was the near-constant watch and maneuvering the lumbering 16-by-8-foot raft around snags and rocks, along with working the powerless floating platform out of the back eddies, known as towheads, that would stop them dead in the water. Getting back in the channel was a matter of using the two kayak paddles or, in one case, sheer might and main like a team of barge horses, pulling the raft against the current. The Albany section provided the only scare of the trip, when the raft lumbered into a bridge pillar. Just more than halfway to their original goal of Oregon City during the four-day float, the crew ran out of time and energy in Salem. We are still brewing up our ideas together in which we will decide on the final design, however so far its looking like we will be setting up the raft in demensions of pallet size ( 6 pallets by 4 pallets ) and the propulsion is undecided, if there even will be.
If you just want it to float, then these are great, but if you think that in future you might want to grab a pair of oars, then you might have difficulties. What a raft is build from is typically determined by the materials that are locally available or easy to get.
Normally any structure that is used for shelter is also made from a wood frame and can have a tarp or even a metal roof.
A raft that is going in the river that is not being raced actually fairs better when there is more drag on the structure below the water.
Rigged up either to be used by hand or more like an oar on a row boat paddles will give the raft the ability to be controlled.

For example the Yukon river feeds into Lake La Barge which is 50 kilometers long and fortunately most of the time the north blowing wind will help push a raft through the lake so that it may continue on it's Yukon River raft trip. The 17-year-old high school seniors made a 62-mile, four-day float from the assembly point at Peoria, Ore., to the disassembly point at Wallace Marine Park in Salem. Materials that rafts have been made from include logs, 55 gallon drums, tractor trailer inner tubes, Styrofoam, sealed boxes, used bottles or cans and just about anything else that floats. The drawbacks of a PVC raft include the cost of the PVC and fitting, the weight of the PVC and the concern about leaking into the tube that would then weight the raft down. Blocks of Styrofoam may be hard to attach to the frame with unless they are in something and it may be hard to acquire enough Styrofoam to make a larger Styrofoam raft. So if you are designing a raft for river travel you don't need to or even want to worry about drag or aerodynamics. These are great for very large payloads but because you can't paddle backwards there are no brakes for the raft. Putting a motor on a raft will make the registration process harder but you will have more control as you enjoy your travels.
However if you are designing a raft that will float in a lake or if you are in a race on the river and expect to be propelling the raft quicker then the water moves then the less drag the better.
Care should be taken when considering adding a sail to a raft as it may make the boat registration process more difficult in some states.

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