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22 Jun. 1996

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The use of mosaic tiles can transform furnishings into a unique work of art that adds textural interest to any space.
Before starting the tile installation, the table was painted by Cassidy Painting in the same glossy brown as the other patio furniture. Making the necessary cuts, Gary created sections of tile to accurately fit within the tabletop dimensions. Paired with dining chairs from the Janus et Cie Sonnet collection and the other recently redone patio chairs, it creates a great outdoor dining & entertaining area.
Your patio table aspires to be more than just a place to set your drink while you grill burgers.
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a mosaic tile top for your patio table put together by Forums associate aboveaveragejoe. No matter which way you choose, you’ll need to first install a secure base so that the tiles have a firm and permanent place to rest upon. Now depending on the size, shape, and how the table is constructed will depend on how much materials you’ll need to buy.
Shown below, I included a cut-away illustration that best describes the items you will need to make a base and to hold the tiles down securely. Essentially, if you place down the backerboard with wood underneath (the wood can be fastened underneath with adhesives and sheet-metal screws to the frame), you’ll be giving yourself a long-lasting and professional tile top that can withstand any weight and weather beating down on top of it. If you decide to make your mosaic using broken tile pieces no bigger than a quarter, you’ll need to do a little more preparation with the tiles. Next, depending on the size of your table, you can layout the tiles by pattern, color, or style on a flat surface so you can mimic that pattern onto the final table top. I’ve seen some arts and crafts stores sell tile mosaic glue, but if you do a small amount of pre-mixed tile adhesive we sell, this can work just as effectively. Let the tiles dry out overnight, and you can place grout or mortar to fill in the spaces between your tile pieces.

I’ve posted your question on our How-To Community Forums for an answer from our experts. I’ve posted your question on our How-To Community Forums, where our experts can take a look and come up with an answer for you.
What was not very clear for me, was what tipe of table we should use, and if we can find the materials in HD.
I have been called to examine mosaic table tops that were created on wooden substrates and they were literally falling apart. I am so pleased to see this set of directions for replacing a table top with tiles and indicating the use of backerboard. I also make my own ceramic art tiles, but use Home Depot’s colored tiles to fill in around those I make. We would love to see some photos of your work– especially if they show some how you incorporated Home Depot tiles.
With the assistance of Ritter Tile, LLC, we took what was originally an indoor table with decorative ceramic tile inlays and modified it into an outdoor dining table with a custom glass mosaic tile tabletop.
He then pieced together each section, like pieces of a (complicated) puzzle and adhered them to the tabletop with mortar. While I realize your table edge and materials maybe different, this should give you an idea of what to expect. The upside of this is that you’ll be getting a unique and customized table top that no one else on earth has!
Remember to consider thickness, so that at the end of the day, the table top is as level as possible.
Now you can place a small amount of tile adhesive spread thin in a small area so you can work the tiles in carefully. Since the adhesive is very effective, make sure you know exactly where you plan do put down the mosaic pieces before placing them on the surface.

But I went ahead and posted your question over on our How-To Community Forums, where you can get how-o advice from our experts.
After filling the entire surface space, he applied a silicone-based grout that would protect the table from the elements.
Again, it all depends on the size and shape of the existing patio table frame that you have now.
You can place the tiles you want to break up in a folded drop cloth and break the pieces using a rubber mallet. The tile nippers (included in the tile installation kit), can cut, or bite into the tiles if you want to give more smoother or different edges that the original broken pieces.
Depending on what kind of tile down will determine what kind of sealer to put down, which is why I can’t recommend one until you choose your tile. You can turn it into a stunning hand-made work of art, as artist Mark Hendricks did with the table we see above. No matter how you put down your tile, using a quality sealer guarantees you won’t have to worry about failure in your table for a long time. But even a more modest mosaic of ready-made tiles will raise your patio table’s self esteem to a whole new level. You will need to take careful note of how thick (or thin) the table edge is as well as finding out the exact size of the opening.

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