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20 Feb. 1993

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Also, there is a good chance that when you finish, you will smell like what I imagine Smoky the Bear smells like — burned wood. If you want, make a little symbol, like an artist’s signature, somewhere on the spoon (I used my signature heart), because it’s a piece of art! Just finished sketching our some Native American designs and thought what a unique idea to give as gifts this year to our seniors.
I followed the links in the tutorial and bought the same spoon set and dremel tool as recommended.
I traced exactly what they drew and wrote on the spoons with the burning tool, 3-yr-old-scribbles and all.
More importantly, he is creating a catalog describing each contributor to his collection and his or her spoon. There will also be a special display of many of his spoons, with presentations by Norman, at the AAW Symposium in Hartford, CT from June 19-20, 2010.
I do appreciate the intricate work of spoons with all of the delicate cut out work, but the spoons I wanted to make were to be used in cooking. As I learned more about woodworking I realized that making the handle parallel to the direction of the grain made for a handle which was stronger and not quite as much mass was needed to keep the handle sturdy. With more experience I learned that the grain does not always run straight in every piece of wood and that it was alright to have the handle curve this way or that following the grain of that particular log.
Another thing I learned is that cooks like spoons that are not completely symmetrical and they like odd shapes. So now I vary my design to suit the wood grain and my whim and just draw the design freehand on the plank. The width of the gouge is also a matter of personal choice but I use one wide enough to remove plenty of waste wood with a single pass.
Now unless you are a whole lot stronger than I, you will not be able to push this gouge through the wood for very long using just the muscles of your hands and arms. Notice that the handle of the gouge has a metal ferrule on the end which keeps the wood of the gouge handle from splintering from repeated blows.

By angling the cutting edge of the gouge one way or the other you can begin to shape the walls of the spoon bowl.
Here you need to exercise care not to take such big cuts as will cause splitting because you are now working on a thin rim of the spoon with less margin for error. In my earlier spoon making days I used to carve the outside of the bowl of the spoon and the handle all by hand. For heavily used spoons a light sanding before reapplication of the oil is all that is needed. It is easier with one of these tools to make a deeper bowl in a spoon than you can with spoon bent gouges. So, I have not tried to provide a comprehensive treatise on spoon carving but rather to share with you what works for me with an eye towards making useful and practical cooking spoons in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of my crafting. Step 5: Carve your bowlOnce you’ve got your design sketched out, you can finally start carving out the bowl of your spoon. Step 6: Shape your spoonOnce you are happy with the depth and shape of your bowl, grab your axe.
Step 8: Refine the bowlWhen the outer shape of your spoon has been refined, you might want to make a few last refining cuts with your hook knife to finish off the bowl of the spoon. Step 9: Finish your spoonYou can finish your green wood spoon with basically any edible oil- I like to use organic flax or walnut oil rubbed on with a towel, then a quick coat of beeswax to give it a little moisture protection.
I have a lot to learn and a few more tools I should probably invest in, but carving is incredible and feels so rewarding when your project is finished. This year, we thought it would be fun to try a new creative tool, a dremel (or you could call it a wood burner), a heated tool used for etching and drawing on wooden surfaces.
He is documenting the state of wooden spoon making throughout the world in the early 21st century.
A number of his spoons are on display through May 23, 2010 in an exhibit at the American Association of Woodturners in Saint Paul, MN. You will now carefully, using the same short, light chops you used to flatten the face of your workpiece, begin to roughly shape your spoon.

This week I decided to finally try it out… a few hours and a few blisters later, this little wooden spoon was done!
I love how it turned out – if I could make anything half as good I’d be wood carving everything! My boyfriend made a wooden spoon before but we didn’t have all of the tools, just wood and a knife!
A fixed blade utility knife can be used for carving the handle and the bottom of the spoon if you want to go that route.
I have an Etsy shop selling wood burned items, and this is spoken from my own experience ;) So try to have at least a basic idea of what you want *before* you start burning! Spoon carving has a bit of a steep learning curve, but with diligence and repetition, you can master it. So this is a very basic way to make a wooden spoon, I’m sure there will be a lot of people frowning on my technique – but oh well!
If you are more comfortable, you can trace a design or use a pencil to sketch on the spoon what you intend to do first. AAW will be issuing and selling a catalog for the exhibit at the Symposium that will contain color images of about 100 of the spoons.
Now, we’re finally ready to carve our green wood spoon out of the log, and do some much-needed refining. With practice and skill, you will only need a few finishing strokes with your carving knife to refine the final shape.

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