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This is the funny age old question, which pickets should I use on my new wood fence, which is better. D&C has installed wood fences under many different applications where the spacing on the posts needed to change. Double Drive wood gates are very typical in the wood fence realm and a standard opening for a double drive wood gate is anywhere from 8' opening to 10' opening.
D&C can custom build and install any type of wood with metal frame roller gate and add swing or roller gate operators to any of these types of gates. Repairing a Sagging Fence Gate with an Anti-Sag Gate KitWooden fence gates tend to sag over time due to exposure to the elements. Attach Corner Brackets: Attach the metal corner brackets to the top of the hinge side of the gate and the bottom of the latch side using screws. Tighten Turnbuckle: Turn the turnbuckle to tighten up the cable and remove the sag from the gate. You know, I think sooner or later every wooden gate’s going to sag a little bit, because it has a lot going against it with the weather as well as gravity. Lot of ways to correct that problem, but I’ll tell you the easiest I found is to drop by the home center and pick up a simple, little hardware kit called an Anti-Sag Gate Kit. Prior to building your fence, I ‘d recommend driving around neighborhoods in your town to get ideas for your fence. The first step when building a fence is to check with your homeowners association and the city to see if there are covenants or rules you’ll need to follow. Free fence and gate projects Below is a list of various types of free fence and gate projects all of which can be found in the Buildeazy website. Carter Oosterhouse shows how to build a wooden gate for a fence using sustainable western red cedar. If you are planning to build a wooden fence for privacy reasons you can do so in one weekend.
A traditional wooden privacy fence is typically built using 4" x 4" x 8' treated pine wood posts set 30" deep in concrete footings on 7' centers.
A skirt board is a board that is installed at the bottom of a new wood fence that adds height as well as keeps your bigger investment, the pickets, off the ground which helps to prevent future rot at the bottom of your pickets. For instance if a wood fence is installed on Padre Island it is expected to meet island codes.
This is a wood fence built with pickets being installed opposite sides of one another and spaced apart.
A very standard style custom wood fence we get a lot of requests on is to add a foot of lattice to the top of the new 6' wood fence built. We don't recommend going over 5' wide due to sagging and warping issues as well as weight of gate.

D&C builds these gates to the same specs as the walk gates except we do offer if requested 6"x6" treated heavy duty wood posts for these gates and highly recommend them. A turnbuckle and a few little clamps, and you’re able to actually adjust the gate and raise it back up to its original level.
The first of many was the 6 foot privacy fence that will eventually surround my entire back yard.
You’ll now have added privacy, a secure yard for pets, and a fence all your neighbors are going to comment on! Share with your friends and family if you think this type of fence would look good at their home! A driveway gate can be made from a simple wood or wrought iron structure that can be opened manually or even automatically depending on your budget. He is the author of the best-selling first edition of How to Build Wooden Gates Picket Fences (978-0-8117-3006-8 Here are tips and suggestions on how to build wood fences.
History From country quaint to formal and elegant, this book offers fence patterns to complement every architectural style. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of construction projects for building various Now that you know how to build your wood fence, you will more than likely need to have a gate. For an island code wood fence the center of the posts has to be 6' spacing and a 36" depth along with all rails being attached to posts with hurricane galvanized straps.
With the cap and trim wood fence D&C uses 10' long 4" x 4" treated posts set in concrete footings, typically uses 3-2" x 4" treated pine horizontal rails, and for the custom look adds a 2" x 6" treated pine top cap flat on top of new fence and trims out the dog ears of the pickets under this cap with a 1x2 trim board to cover dog ears and give a really nice custom look. It does two things, one is it allows wind to pass thru easier which helps fence to hold up better and second gives a little more openness to a yard if that is the desire.
One normal trait of all wood pickets, treated or cedar, is that the pickets over time will shrink. D&C uses standard on all gates built a hot dipped galvanized gate hardware that is powder coated painted black. All double drive gates also come with heavy duty drop rods to keep gates secured when closed in center. When a gate is too large to build all out of wood, we recommend using a heavy duty galvanized frame gate and attaching wood pickets to this frame. I chose to build my fence out of cedar because I love the look and the characteristics it has to withstand the elements outdoors. My homeowners association requires the fence to be stained and allows fences only in the back yard.
But you will want to add a fence post cap to the top of each post to keep the water off and to prolong the life of the posts.
It covers every aspect of fence building–from Whether you need to build a wooden fence to keep your dogs in your yard, critters out of 16 For the gate, make a frame.

DIY Network's Carter Oosterhouse shows how to build a wooden gate for a fence using sustainable western red cedar. This is a great option and we highly recommend adding a 3rd middle rail to all wood fences. We build this with heavy duty lattice and a beautiful custom picture framed look at the top.
Also standard with all D&C walk gates that sets us apart from all our competitors is that we use 4" x 6" x 8' treated gate posts, even though the rest of the fence has 4" x 4" posts.
For example if a double drive gate opening is 13' wide, we will weld two 6'6" wide galvanized metal frames for this opening, set two 6" x 6" heavy treated wood posts, and attach pickets on new metal frames and hang gates. All of my cedar wood for the project came from a great local company named Emmer Brothers Cedar near Bozeman, Montana. Each style has the same basic top, center Build a landscaping accent to bring beauty to your garden or fence for years. People think of building fences and believe that building the fence will be easy, but the gate will be a real challenge.
After rails are installed D&C will install typical 1" x 6" x 6' wood dog eared pickets to new posts and rails for a finished wood privacy fence. This style of fence eliminates those gaps by adding a 1x2 strip run vertical with the pickets on every joint, basically giving it a custom look kind of like siding on a house, and absolute total privacy. This allows for longevity, eliminates the warping issue, and makes gates far more workable and adjustable.
Another huge difference on D&C gates is we will use cedar 2" x 4" framework on the new gate.
I’d highly recommend using concrete in all the end and gate posts at the very minimum. However, you can use clamps to help with the process if you are constructing the fence on your own.
As far as type of posts used for wood fences we gave you the standard, 4" x 4" x 8' treated posts, you could also upgrade using 4" x 6" x 8' treated posts if desired.
Once each post is placed, make sure it is level and in line with the string used to mark the fence line that ensures the row is straight. Please let us know if you would like this option and we would be glad to add it to your fence estimate.
Note that D&C carry's two different sizes of wood pickets, the 1" x 6" and the 1" x 4", which both look great.

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