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14 Oct. 1990

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This first image shows the EVA sheet with the deck grip template clamped in place and the eva cut out with a sharp stanley blade. I have nearly finished trimming out the handle hole, this is beveling the eva edges, note the blades angle.
I think Rod's boards at this size will be pretty light anyway The handle is good to lift off the ground to roof of car etc, but IMO they sit ok up on your shoulder for any distance. All the dimensions you need to build this board are included in the book along with lots more pictures and information.

There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time boatbuilder, or better-looking. I have a router set up for eva grooving but it is for kite board pads and these are done off the board. When you have worked out the best position to stand at you make the groove wider and deeper under your big toe so you can position by feel.
The foam I get is a medium density not soft as this affords no grip and tears easily and I find that the hard stuff hurts my feet.

The test is to squeeze the foam between your fingers, if it springs back right away, it is EVA.

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