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07 Aug. 1991

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During our recent trip to the Philippines, Katya and I saw a lot of people on the waterways and even on the open ocean traveling on traditional stand up paddleboards.
Unlike a sea kayak, which has a cockpit and perimeter lines, a paddleboard doesn’t have a lot to grab on to, so hand carrying and cartopping a slippery, heavy board can be a serious issue.
As I mentioned before, I haven’t been on a lot of paddleboards, but I can say that this board so far has been the best I’ve tried! Anyone who has built a wooden kayak is familiar with hearing plenty of compliments from admirers, and then getting into long conversations with people on the beach about boatbuilding as they are about to launch.
Joe couldn’t tell us exactly how much his board weighs but we estimated it was about the same as ours, a little over 40 pounds.
For an excellent example of how to wet out glass with epoxy, check out this video clip from Guillemot Kayaks. The process of planking the hull, or bottom, of the paddleboard is similar to planking the deck but poses a few extra challenges.
On any given Saturday morning you can find the Gulf flecked with tanned and toned stand up paddleboarders plying the water. Like so many good ideas, Low key Surfboards—a Pine Island-based custom surf and standup paddleboard manufacturer—was born on the beach. Over the years, Hamilton built everything from custom homes to commercial buildings and all the little things in between. While still working as a deputy, Hamilton bought plans online for building a wooden surfboard.

With Low Key Surfboards you can easily build your very own surfboard or standup paddleboard for between $300-$400.
Unfortunately, the deck on a paddleboard is constantly exposed to the sand and pebbles stuck on the bottom of your feet and booties. The Rendezvous is a casual event where local wooden kayak builders gather on the Fort Worden beach in Port Townsend with their kayaks. You’ll need some fiberglass—your local surf shop or boat builder may be able to supply that, and you’ll need a couple of large pieces of cedar. With Hamilton’s system you get a step-by-step DVD set, a complete shop manual and detailed blueprints.
Imagine how much the internal pressure rises after letting it sit on top of a hot car for a few hours! Instructors give presentations on range of different kayak building techniques including cedar strip building, stitch-and-glue, traditional skin-on-frame, and even folding kayaks. He mounts cross-sectional forms on a strongback and builds the hull first, including the fairing and glassing. You might be wondering why can’t we just lay the glass on bare wood and apply a single thick layer of epoxy on it to accomplish all three steps at once: sealing the wood, wetting out the glass, and filling the weave. Then he showed me just how small the pieces were going to be cut; between an inch to a half inch. You also get the expertise of someone who has centered his life around building for a living and he’s only a phone call away.

Back when I was building my cedar strip kayak, I used a kerosene heater to get the whole shop to at least 80 degrees F. Since we are working in cedar, building up a rail that thick would require a lot of wood and add a ridiculous amount of weight to the finished board. Hamilton builds his own surfboards and standup paddleboards, but he also helps others do the same. Another effective way to heat the wood is to shine some hot lights right on the wood surface or, if you are building a kayak or canoe, put lights inside the boat.
Another possibility is to make a bunch of “C” shaped pieces out of plywood and clamp them against the ribs to hold the strips both against the ribs and against each other, as shown in these images from my cedar strip baidarka build.
He promised me that he could help me make my very own hollow cedar wood standup paddleboard.
You might find that it’s a great way to meet your neighbors as they stop by to ask what you are building and compliment you on your beautiful woodwork.

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