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14 Nov. 2013

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As is often the case there is a timer for this quest and, if you complete the quest withint he alotted time, there is a special reward unlock. I seriously recommend that you get as much done - and as many tasks and hobbies fully unlocked - as you can before death becomes a part of the game for you! To do that pull in a work crew of four or five Sims and, as with the previous two rings, remove the trash and natural hazards. This is important for a couple of reasons - not the least of which being you cannot continue on to complete the acquisition of some of each type of horse until the rings are repaired, and you cannot complete mastering all three of the horse-focused hobbies until you have at least one (but preferably two) of each class of horse. Ultimately you need to complete ALL of that BEFORE you endeavor to complete the Life Dreams & Legacy Quest because of the time-intensive nature of those hobbies and how very horribly that would impact the life span of your Sims if you failed to do it BEFORE those life spans became limited.
Note: that you will need to feed as well as groom and pet your Horses if you plan to participate in the horse-based hobbies - you must keep your horses happy because an unhappy horse may refuse to compete.

While you are doing this Mission you can also begin the process of unlocking the other hobbies at the Stables - and we think you should - by tapping the gate and paying the cost to start each timer.
To actually do the Vaulting Hobby you have to have 2-Star Horses - which you can only get by completing the Tricks Hobby - which means rebuilding it and then completing it in order to unlock those horses.
It would be an idea to free up a significant number of Sims - say 6 at a minimum - and have them work as the designated crew for clearing and repairing the various hobby rings. To actually expand your stable of horses you will need to finish repairing the Stalls inside the Stables.
The Unicorn can do all of the hobby tasks that the horses can do - or at least they all show up in our game - have not actually used it for them but the tasks are there. No it is not free - you have to pay 100 LP to buy it - but you cannot do that until you have fully completed ALL three of the horse hobby collections.

No - the Unicorn is strictly optional and does not factor in to ANY of the Horse-based hobbies at the Stables. Once you advance the hobby to the point where you have completed the top level you may then BUY the Unicorn - it costs 1m Simoleons and you buy it from the regular menu you used to buy the horses. I have completed all the trick horse ribbons hobby twice but it will not unlock the next horses.

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