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02 Jun. 1978

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I have posted before about the best axe and straight knife for carving and the third tool that is needed is the spoon knife or hook knife. It needs to be sharp and hold a good edge, all the knives I mention below will do that and all except the Frost come ready to use. Svante Djarve, these were the first decent hooks that became available in the UK around 20 years ago, they have a distinctive ridged texture to the handles. Del Stubbs of Pinewood Forge makes excellent knives, his straight sloyd knives are the best I have used, the hook knives are very good and I would always recommend them to anyone in the US though Del currently has a long waiting list. For the sake of completeness I would like to add three other good makers, I don’t have these knives but I have used them.
Thanks Ziggy and JarrodHi Rico I will have knives available but when and how many I can not say. He also produces a more open thin knife which will smooth out the rough cuts of the small hook, I find these flex in use and chatter if used for heavier cuts.
I have recently gotten in spoon carving, and find the Frost knives to be less than pleasant to use, a real workout, with not a lot of reward. If you need a knife in the near future buy one elsewhere I can't promise when I will have stock available. I forged it from a car spring after watching Caesars bark canoe and the great work of the mocataugan.

I forged my first hook knives for my own use 20 years ago and until recently I bought an example of every hook knife that came onto the market. The small hook is very very easy for beginners to use but it’s tight curvature means it leaves a series of grooves across the work. This is his hook, when I first saw it I though it had drawbacks, the curvature is fairly even without the wide flat section I like and it is quite narrow front to back which sometimes results in flex. I left it long and thought I would try it out for a while before cutting the handle off to length, I developed a style of working with it two handed for cleaning inside bowls, it is not a traditional tool that you will find in any of the old bowlturners photos but it works for me. When I run courses it is really helpful for folk to be able to use all the different knives available and to find what works best for them. My personal taste is for a gradually tightening curve on the knife this means I have whatever curve I want somewhere on the blade and can do everything with one knife. For some reason in use none of this matters, it is a wonderful knife in fact this is the knife I recommend above all the others that are easily available at the moment. It changed everything I thought I knew about how these knives worked, the very broad blade should have chattered through the cut but being very rounded off at the back it flowed smoothly through, the high polish and incredibly fine 17 degree edge angle go through wood like it’s not there.
They are made from flat bar rather than round, I rate them as virtually as good as the Helgesson hook. Many people bought this hook, use nothing else and are very happy with it, if you are serious about spooncarving though you would do well to learn to use a larger hook.

I was lucky to buy a few batches of these and still use them for my courses though Bo is not always easy to buy from.
I toured the Frosts factory with Wille Sundqvist in 2003 and we talked with the owners asking why they did not make better hooks, these hooks have been unchanged for over 20 years and really should be better. Svante Djarve large hook (pictured below), this is a very good tool amongst the top three or four hooks available and the fact it is easily available mail order is good too. I have a set made by Greg Blomberg of Kestrel tools, they are good at what they are designed for. There are probably only two folk who have used more spoon knives for longer than me, Del Stubbs and Jogge Sundqvist and both rate the Helgesson as the benchmark knife.
I tend to put 8″ handles on my spooncarving knives I think most makers handles are too short which restricts the number of grips you can use effectively.

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