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10 Jan. 1986

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Many of you have e-mailed us, asking when we were going to post answers to your questions from our latest home improvement webinar. To those who were on the webinar on Tuesday, I wanted to thank you personally for joining us online for another successful home improvement program. If you have any suggestions for an upcoming home improvement webinar that you would like us to hold, please let us know by clicking here. It is extremely complicated for most business owners to make the transition from an environment where they are at the heart of everything that goes on within the company to one where there are multiple levels of organizational structure. Without clearly defined boundaries and goals in place, there is too much freelancing and your employees will have a tendency to abandon reason in the face of personal priorities.
Yes – it is important to qualify your leads, but it is also a huge mistake to not log and track every single lead that comes into your business (by any form of communication). Staying involved in all facets of the business is critical for all business owners, but just as important is delegation. From our experience, many business owners set their prices based upon arbitrary formulas, what the competition is pricing, or frequently they simply arrive at a number in their head that they believe will yield a strong profit.
Over our 45+ years of industry experience, many things have changed about the way businesses should be run; however, one thing that remains the same is the pricing formula.

With the right system in place, specialty home improvement companies can earn 10-15 (and sometimes) 20% pre-tax net profit. By using this formula to arrive at a selling price you are taking all of the guess work out of the equation and assuring that high revenue will equal high profitability in your business. We developed a package that delves into this formula further along with all of the other elements you need to know to run a profitable business. In continuation from my last blog posting we will examine the most common errors made by home improvement companies. The below slides are examples of what a typical home improvement business plan might entail. One of the topics that we covered at our recent home improvement program was the most common errors that we see companies make when we do client visits or conduct a business analysis. We are planning on holding another webinar before the end of the calendar year, and registration fills up quickly so make sure to sign up ASAP. Do not make the mistake of attempting to grow your business by hiring extra sales personnel, a canvassing crew and a marketing manager all at once.
Without a strong system in place to manage, organize and follow up with your prospects, you are increasing your administrative time and costs exponentially.

Some of the methods used to ascertain prospects may be outdated, but we have a number of clients who still effectively produce business through their call center. There is a proven formula for success within the home improvement industry, and by following specific guidelines you increase the likelihood that your company will flourish for years to come. Incredibly, the most common error that we find when we do a client observation is the lack of a business plan and operational model. Keep in mind that depending upon the nature of your business, things may differ greatly for you. Go back to step 1 and get your hiring system up to speed to make sure that you have a team in place that you can count on to do the tasks that you simply don’t have time to do anymore. The first step is to make sure you are classifying all of your costs properly; for example, even if you are the only individual who sells business in your company you still need to separate all of the costs that are attributed to the selling process. Frequently this is due to elements that are missing on either the front end or the back end of the business.

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