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19 May. 2002

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After my first test at staining with apple cider vinegar went rotten, I turned to alternative, more traditional, staining options. The issue we had with most stain samples (the clears, the toners, the opaque solids) is that they didn’t make fresh lumber look aged per say, they just made the wood looked glazed. If you’re curious about the wood conditioner in the background of that picture, note that I purposefully tested an area with it, as one might commonly do with soft woods, but found that the semi-transparent outdoor deck stain specifically repelled against it. Before we stained the tables, Pete took time to prep them (and play with a new tool, his Black & Decker Dragster Belt Sander, a $60 investment from The Home Depot). Each table only took 45-minutes and left us with surface areas consistently prepped for staining. With the tables sanded smooth, there was nothing holding me back from testing our new stain concoction. It continued to darken too, this photo begins to show a substantial contrast between the stained and unstained sections, especially at the far end of the table where I began application. The transformation continued, the lumber just changes before your eyes, gradually graying in a way that resembles naturally weather-worn wood. As they began to dry, it was apparent that the second table, whose wood was slightly more yellow in hue, took the stain in the best possible way we could have imagined. The other table looks great too though, so much more rustic and weathered than when we started.
Adding to it’s appeal, the table that we stained outdoors was repeatedly splattered by a dripping gutter, and those drops had an artful affect on part of the finished tabletop. This sturdy dining table made from steel and solid wood can be built in 4 hours for less than $200. The were interested in our knotty ponderosa pine paneling with stain + 2 coat UV finish and I sent them a set of samples with the standard set of colors.

The milled wood is just as sound as regular pine wood but with grey and blue streaks running through the amber pine sap wood creating a completely unique look and feel.
The distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark. And of course it is the larger diameter Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine trees that the beetles prefer. The colors and effect of that GrandDaddy Blue Pine's blue gray tones creates an authentic antique feel to the place. He had already found the perfect tree and the paneling's natural blue stain matched the tree exactly. The Design - it started out as a horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment built on the 2nd floor.
The Home Owner had originally decided to go with sheet rock on the interior but after doing the research online decided on wood paneling. People always say it like that means some less expensive lower grade of wood is fine because they are going to be painting the wood. Before staining, remove any small rough places or areas that have sharp jutting slivers with a rotary tool and a sanding drum. I didn’t look far and wide, I decided quickly that Olympic offered enough semi-transparent options that would challenge our new pine tables into a submissive state. It didn’t seem to do much for the Sunbleached stain either, so I abandoned the idea of using it. The new batch worked nicely, as shown in this test spot on the underside of one of our tables, distressing the wood and its natural grain into a brown that can only be described as naturally weather-worn lumber, like when you leave your wedding tables outdoors to age in the sun and snow for three years. He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain.

I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left. Wood will weather to a silver color and maintain that appearance throughout its life when left on its own. We weren’t working from aged pine, and if we had been, man, this whole process would have been a lot easier, rather our tables were constructed using lumber fresh from the mill sold through big box store channels, so fresh that it was almost sappy and was mostly cut a-new from unjostled bundles in the big box store.
There was potential here, they’re striking a strong We Will Rock You pose, if I do read too much into stain can positioning myself. It had almost a burnt quality to it, and it took to different areas a little differently, giving it a more natural effect than a common oil-based stain might have achieved. I saw immediate results with the more-infused batch of stain, especially in the natural grains of the lumber. Work with a professional airless paint sprayer for superior coverage and penetration if you do decide to stain.
Stain cannot penetrate as deeply as the treatment, and is unlikely to add any usable preservative to treated lumber.
Choose a color that is a shade lighter than you intend when staining a new treated fence, as it typically dries darker than expected. Whether spraying, rolling or brushing, work the stain into the seams between pickets and other nooks and crannies for the best results. Polyurethane or acrylic will protect wood with a hardened plastic finish but I would rather have stains and scratches than the feel of plastic.

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