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02 May. 2012

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Please send info about where this table can be purchased or how to get instructions to build it.
Building collapsible kitchen table is straightforward, accomplished with a minimal amount of labor and tools. First, prepare these following things: plywood, sawhorses, wood sealer, 3-inch paintbrush, metal folding table legs, yard stick, wood screws, drill, drill bits, screw-head drill bit and pencil. If you want a sturdy table but don’t always have room, you can build a cheap foldable table with IKEA table pieces and a few other minor parts. This IKEA hack was created from a need to have more table space at LAN parties, but this is a good project for anyone who needs a sturdy yet portable table that can be carried like a portfolio. Collapsible tables are convenient because they can be folded so that you can have more extra room in your kitchen. The number of people seated at the table, or interior space restrictions determine collapsible kitchen tables’ sizes.
With the table flipped over on a pair of sawhorses, place one bracket leg approximately 5 inches in from the end of the table. All you really need to do is cut the table in half, reinforce and smooth the cut edges with chipboard, and mount a few hinges.

Used for kitchen tables, whether for dining or food preparation, collapsible kitchen tables are also handy for a variety of other uses, including: outdoor dining, game-playing, or just for a place to put things. A table with a length of 70 inches and a width of 28 inches is amply sufficient to accommodate six people sitting for dinner.
Bracket legs with folding brackets mounted toward the table’s center are convenient, and only two are required. Using a yardstick, align the bracket legs evenly on each side of the table, making sure to mark all screw holes with a pencil.
If you are new to building, read through the GETTING STARTED section and other articles found under the BUILD tab in the menu on my site, it has valuable information about how to get started, tools and techniques.
If you aren't using a pocket hole system, use 2” screws and glue to construct the frame, be sure to countersink, and then attach the frame to the Table Top using 2” Finish Nails and glue. I could not find any similar DIY plans for this but should be pretty easy for you carpenter types to figure out. The hardest part of making a well-constructed, collapsible table may be waiting for the wood sealer to dry before finishing the project.
This will act as a stop when the legs are un folded and the table is in the upright position.

You can see how this will look in the image below and frankly I think it adds to the appeal of the table…adore! Also, the folding brackets, when extended, provide extra strength for the table’s center. Replace the legs over the holes and mount them to the table, using the appropriate-sized wood screws. I also think this would make an incredible craft table or portable conference table, even a great place to dine outdoors! You can create a 10 Degree Bevel using a table saw, circular saw, even a jig saw or hand saw if need be (I suppose if you were diligent, you might also get the job done with your sander if none of the tools mentioned are available to you) and you are simply trying to give that top edge of the top stretchers a flush method of stopping so that the legs are slightly splayed as you see in Loren’s finished pictures.

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