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27 Mar. 2003

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The exterior of my house is stucco, but there are some spots that have vertical wood planks.
Anyway, over the years previous owners had installed various things to these wood panels - I imagine an exterior security light, for instance - that now have empty screw holes.
A friend suggested Plastic Wood Cellulose fibre filler, which can easily be found at your local hardware store. Glue, then cut the dowel off flush with the edge of the door or hinge mortise and pilot drill for the screw after the glue sets. Wedge a shim into the hole (a toothpick or wooden matchstick, for example) but it probably won't hold for long. Make sure that the screw head won't stick out and interfere with operation of the door by causing binding or scarring the frame. Use a small finish nail or drill with a small drill bit (smaller than the diameter of the screw) to create a pilot hole for the hinge screw. Using the existing holes, run the extra long screws through the jamb and into the 2 x 4" (5 x 10 cm) framing stud inside the wall.

Many times you can use longer a 3 inch, self drilling screw right in the old hole without having to go in at an angle. Be sure and replace all three screws where the problem is so that it will really hold well (permanently). With the self drilling screws and an electric drill, you can fix the door really fast (in minutes).
To get a screw to stay in the stripped hole, I stuffed wood pieces, plastic anchors, basically anything I could find that would fit in the hole.
This may require re-chiseling the pocket in the frame and on the door; then filling with plastic wood and touching up the paint.
Re-drilling a pilot hole into the shim might be helpful in keeping the screw in line with the hinge plate. Probably the most permanent way is to use decking screws about 5 inches (12.5 cm) long, especially if it is an exterior door. This gives you a dowelled connection all the way back to the wall framing that will be suitable for a long wooden screw.

The reason for the extra long screws is that they have to pass through the jamb and through a couple of inches of empty space before hitting the framing stud in the wall. This is so effective that it is generally only necessary to use a couple of the decking screws per hinge.
I buy the screws in one pound boxes but I use so many 2 inch, self drilling screws to fix doors that I buy them in five pound boxes. Do not put the screw in at an angle more than 20 degrees or the head of the screw will stick out and prevent the hinge from closing (but you can file the screw down so it will not hit with an attachment that goes on the drill). Before the unused mixture has hardened completely, drive the screw partially into the pilot hole, then remove the screw and allow the material to harden further for an hour or two. I usually put the screws in at about a 10 or 15 degree angle so they will not prevent the hinge from closing.

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