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07 Nov. 2003

Feral cat shelter building plans,wood craft supplies bulk,wood end tables designs - .

Once you download our free cat shelter schematics, we recommend you watch this video of our plans in action. Providing warm and dry accommodations helps keep feral cats as comfortable, safe and healthy as possible in cold temperatures. AmeriCorp volunteers will be building shelters for Waukegan's outdoor cats for Make A Difference Day.
This Saturday, some handymen and Americorp volunteers will join forces with the goal of building 2 to 4 shelters for some of the colony caretakers in the community. You can go online and donate - $100 pays for materials to build a shelter, a heated water bowl (which is vital in the winter) and cat food.
In the Chicago area and elsewhere, TNR, or Trap Neuter Return programs, have been growing in popularity when it comes to stabilizing the free roaming cat population.
Under the Project Fixin’ Waukegan program, feral cats and neighborhood strays may be fixed – spayed or neutered – for $25. If this Holiday Campaign is as successful as the last two, a lot of community cats will have outdoor shelter this winter. I am a crazy cat lady and puppy mill warrior that blogs to advocate and educate about pet issues. I shelter a dwindling feral cat colony and this is the most successful shelter I have made.
My feral colony is dwindling because I have actively trapped-neuter-released the cats and they are not having any babies, so the numbers are gradually going down. Spot lived on my garage for 3 years first in a rough hut, then in a more luxurious cat house. Wood strips on the bottom of the cat house keep the shelter off the ground to stop the damp and prevent rotting.

I used a table saw to cut the pieces but when I built my first cat shelters I used a handsaw and a jig saw to cut the pieces. The plexiglass windows are held in place by little frames glued on and nailed with finishing nails.
After putting on the wood on the bottom, I sanded the cat shelter and painted it using once again leftover paint.
I deliberately did not talk about size because it depends on the size of the wood you are using, the thickness of the insulation you have and where you are going to put the shelter. I found out that catnip has some insect repellant qualities so I occasionally put some catnip in the box to help keep fleas away. This fast-motion building session will show you every detail of what it takes to build a FIVER Cats shelter.
This is just the start of a much bigger project as WAGS uses the volunteer day to fine tune the program before bringing in more volunteers to help build the cat shelters. While many people will feed the cats in their yard, they may not have the time to trap and take a cat to the vet to be altered. Sometimes those caring for ferals also have unaltered cats in their home, another local group - AHA! I think if I had a larger population I would plan for 3 or 4 per house and increase the size of the opening to ventilate better and prevent condensation.
It will also help you to decide if this construction method is right for you and your ferals.
The program runs from 8:30 until noon and they’ll be using modified plans created by FIVer Cats. The friendly strays often go to rescue and feral cats go back to their neighborhood to their colony.

The opening of the entrance is set up so that when the cat is inside in the sphinx position his head is level with the opening. Because it slopes towards the front hopefully rain will not be brought in.There are 3 coats of paint on the cat shelter. On earlier cat shelters I hinged the top to make it easier to clean and did not glue the top insulation or roof on but I found that its just as easy to access through the cat door and stopped hinging the top and glue everything well.More overhang would have been better but my plywood pieces were not wide enough. I had a small amount left over from caulking around the outside windows of my house.The bottom gets a couple of pieces of wood to keep the feral cat shelter off the ground so it does not get damp and rot. I have had a few strays or outside cats join but was able to socialize them and get them adopted. It works well on foam.The entrance hole should be large enough to allow the cat easy passage and because it is the only ventilation it needs to be larger than just the size of the cat.
Go measure your cat, then add enough for the thickness of the insulation and the thickness of the wood. As always with our free material, we ask that you share this video and web site with your cat-loving friends. The cats like to scratch it but it wears better than the white foam made from little balls.

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