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23 Aug. 1996

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You won’t get the same results if you skip the wood stain and put the milk paint directly on raw wood. Also, the wood you intend to whitewash should be unfinished--not sealed, stained or painted. To apply the whitewash, use soft-bristled brushes, sponge brushes, plastic drops, masking tape and clean cotton (color free) disposable rags. Working as large an area as comfortable, use a clean rag to pre-moisten the wood with clean water. Apply the whitewash with a sponge brush, working in smooth even strokes, always in the same direction. Always keep the work surface damp to allow a smooth application and consistent depth to the whitewash effect.
The perfect kitchen cabinets corner cabinet design development with the top kitchen countertop design development and the top -shaped kitchen small kitchens design concept and extravagant white wash wood paneling architecture design combined with amazing perfect remarkable wooden kitchen island stools schoolhouse pendant light design options with warm white shaker kitchen cabinet doors enhancing ideas are provided through the following series. Now this is a new, unfinished pine corner cabinet and rather than paint or stain in a solid color, I want to put a pickled whitewash finish on here.
This is a whitewash pickling stain, designed to impart color to the wood but not obscure the grain and character. I apply the pickling stain with a brush, then using a piece of cotton cloth folded into a pad, I wipe the surface, always moving in the direction of the grain. In this project, Ron is finishing a brand new pine cabinet with a Minwax product called a pickling stain.

Apply the stain with the same clean brush designed for latex products that you used to apply the conditioner, making sure that it is well cleaned before you begin. In the same way that you applied the stain and the conditioner, apply the water based top coat using long smooth strokes.
The mistake I made was starting on the top of the table instead of working from the bottom up. Whitewashing can still be applied to treated wood, but different methods and materials will be required for good results. However, if the woodwork is installed or hanging vertically, carefully lay out your plastic dropcloths to protect the surrounding areas and provide easy clean-up.
This way, you can feather out the whitewash with a dry soft-bristled brush and avoid lap marks as you begin the next area to be worked. To sand the bevels on the edge of the raised panels, I wrap the paper around a piece of scrap wood.
This is an important step because the pre-stain, like any water-based material, tends to raise and stiffen the grain, which the sandpaper will cut off cleanly.
The greater the pressure I apply, the more of the stain I remove and the more of the wood below shows through. It's an easy finish to apply and can be very effective when it comes to blending varying background wood colors.
The result won’t be chippy like what milk paint gives you but you still get the whitewashed effect.

Keep in mind that even the color white can be found in many shades and tones, giving you a wide range of choices.
Notice how the sandpaper holds its shape this way and allows me to apply pressure evenly as I move it back and forth in the direction of the wood grain. Now to avoid that, I'm going to condition the wood beforehand with something called a pre-stain.
The pre-stain doesn't really change the appearance of the wood, but it will help insure that any stains I put on from here forward, look their very best. Once the stain is applied, wipe it away with a soft cotton cloth that you've folded into a pad.
First of all, the pickling stain that we put on here is water-based and so is the top coat, so they're in the same family. The more pressure you apply to the pad, the more the wood grain will show through the stain on the final product. The conditioner will raise the grain of the wood, and the sand paper will ensure that you have a smooth surface to apply the stain to.

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