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09 Aug. 1998

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A wood gas stove has an insulated burning chamber that is meant to super heat the burning wood, which releases flammable wood gas. To light your new rocket stove, put some fine kindling such as leaves and small twigs into the burning chamber from the top. This stove will smoke at first, until the burning chamber heats up and the wood gas is burning.
When you look at all the advantages that this stove has to offer it makes sense to build one of these beautiful, functional stoves.
This piece should fit into the feed chute can to make a ledge to feed the wood onto and allow air to flow underneath it.
This video will show you how to convert a 30, or 55 gallon drums into a amazingly efficient, and money saving wood burning stove.

By insulating the burning chamber, we are raising the internal temperatures, and combustion of the wood gas follows. The 12 ounce soup can with a hole in it (the burning chamber) should sit on the bottom of the coffee can. Stuff it into the burning chamber can just about a half inch deep and tie the top off with a piece of wire as seen in the second photo. Most common fireplaces in homes today just allow the wood gas to go out the chimney, unburnt. The second 12 ounce soup can (feed chute) will pass through the side of the coffee can and into the side of the burning chamber can as shown in the third and fourth photos. These stoves are very efficient and only need a small handful of sticks to boil a quart of water in about 15 minutes.

There are newer, more efficient models being manufactured that make use of the wood gas concept and give off a lot more heat while using less fuel than a common fireplace. Now use a permanent marker to draw the outline of the feed chute can on the side of the burning chamber can. Make sure that your rocket stove is placed on a non flammable surface that can take the heat.

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